Prince2 Certification Requirements – Are You Eligible for Prince2 Certification?

Do you reflect on what Prince 2 certification and where it applies? Here is the answer to you:

Prince2 means projects in the controlled environment. This is one of the popular project manager certification in the UK. Prince2 is mainly a certification that is sought after projects in the government sector in the UK. Prince2® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

Prince2 has a process approach to project management. Although widely used in British government projects, many private and public sectors also comply with this method. In addition, the prince also applies to small and large organizations. Because Prince2 is a flexible and adaptable standard used by various standards, you need to know the requirements of Prince2 certification to become certified practitioners.

How did Prince2 start?

The central computer and telecommunications agency (CCTA) which are now referred to as the Government Trade Office (OGC) started Prince2 in 1989. Prince was originally created by Simactt Systems Ltd in 1975, then adopted by CCTA in 1979 for all IT projects. British government. Prince2 was published in 1996 which was the result of work around 150 organizations throughout Europe.


In 2013, the cabinet office on behalf of the Government Noble (HMG) in the UK and the Capita PLC, floated the joint venture that Axelos was known to manage, develop and improve global best practices in various fields including project management. Axelos has a vision to become number one company in developing and providing best practices.

What goes to Prince 2?

Before we explore Prince2 certification requirements, let’s understand what Prine2 includes:

Prince2 is built based on 7 principles, themes, processes and the project environment. The Prince2 method helps you manage successful projects regardless of size and scale. Prince2 has the following:

Manual Prince2 – Manage a successful project with Prince2 2017 Edition

Certification scheme to help you reach the level of ‘Foundation’ or ‘Practitioner’

Membership Subscription Facility

How do you get Prince2 certification?

Prince2 has a different level of certification and applies to people who manage the project. While we see Prince2 certification requirements, let’s understand who can go for Prince2.

Who can go for prince?

This certification is useful for people into design, development, and project delivery. If you are currently the project manager or you plan to become one, Prince2 certification is for you. In addition, Prince2 certification requirements need to be known if you are in one of these roles and aspiring for Prince2 certification:

Project Board Member – Senior Manager

Product shipping manager.

Project Guarantee Group Member

Project office or project management office personnel

There are 2 certification levels in Prince2 and Prince2 certification requirements vary for both. Let’s explore them now.

Prince2 Foundation.

What is the Prince2 Foundation? Who should go for Prince2? What are the Prince’s certification requirements for this level? The Prince2 Foundation as the name suggests is an introductory or basic course. What will you know if you complete the Prince2 Foundation Level Certification?

If you certified the level of the Prince2 Foundation, you:

Have a depth of understanding of methods to work effectively on projects run by the Prince2 method

Understand the basic methodology and prince’s terminology

If you are a member of the project team, or the lead team, or product manager or someone who wants to understand the basics of structured project management methodology, you can start with the Prince2 Foundation level certification. By completing this, you are equipped with competent knowledge to be part of the team, having an understanding of the main requirements and phrases of Prince2.

Prince2 certification requirements for the foundation level

What are the Prince2 certification requirements for the basic level certification exam?

There are no pre-conditions for basic level certification

In terms of Prince2 certification requirements, preferably have basic knowledge about managing projects while not mandatory

Prince2 practitioners

Are you senior manager, or product manager, or analyst? If yes, you can aim for practitioner level certification. What additional knowledge you get when you become a Prince2 practitioner?

You can adjust the principle according to your project needs

As a practitioner, you have the right to manage the team using the Prince2 Certificationmethods so that the team is led efficiently.


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