Why Aren’t My Ads Converting? We Asked An Ecommerce PPC Company

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We are sure you have found yourself wondering “why aren’t my ads converting?” many times after several failed attempts. Pay Per Click marketing sounds pretty straightforward: just give Google or Facebook some money, and your ads will appear in front of thousands of interested customers ready to buy your products. However, and as usual, there is more to it than they tell you. So, we asked an expert eCommerce PPC company why so many people are having problems with their paid search strategies.


According to 1Digital Agency, an expert eCommerce PPC management and digital marketing company, is that many merchants fall for the illusion search engines and social media platforms are creating around PPC advertising. It is now extremely easy to create Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. They give you the tools, tutorials, and everything you need to start pouring money into their pockets and promise you that people will soon start clicking.


However, it ultimately comes down to your marketing strategy. Without a well-thought-out PPC strategy, your ads will fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes).


Ad Copy and Content


One of the most common mistakes we see merchants make is cramming up their copy with keywords. Yes, that will tell the algorithm what your website and ad are about. But people prefer organic search results for a reason: they generally show a better copy and clear calls to action that entice people to click.


The same goes for social media advertising. Effective Facebook or Instagram ads To never disrupt the user’s experience. So creating engaging copy accompanied with enticing images or video is a task best left to an experienced eCommerce PPC company with teams of copywriting experts and graphic designers.


However, content alone won’t guarantee that your ad money will produce a significant return on investment.


Keyword Research


The competition level in your particular niche should always determine the best keywords for your campaign. Many focus on very attractive and high-volume keywords that perfectly describe their products and services without checking the keyword difficulty or competitiveness. That is a mistake that causes thousands of PPC ads to go down the memory hole without generating enough clicks to even pay for themselves.


ECommerce marketing agencies will always offer thorough keyword research and provide their clients with a list of keywords. Now, a true eCommerce PPC company will perform something called a discovery phase. Here is where we find keywords that are being overlooked by competitors but are being used by audiences with high purchasing intent.

That brings us to:


Audience Targeting


Your buyer persona must always be at the center of your overall PPC strategy. You need to have a clear idea of the kind of people actively looking to buy your products so you can target their interests. This laser-focused strategy allows you to direct your ads to people who not only will click but also are very likely to convert. Since you´re paying every time someone clicks on your ads, you better only get clicks from interested people to minimize your client acquisition costs.


Many merchants already have a rough idea about what their buyer persona looks like. However, with the help of experienced marketers, it is not uncommon to find pockets of new audiences during the discovery phase giving ads a better chance to convert.


Conversion Funnels


There is no use in developing great ads and having high click-through rates if they lead to a confusing page or unclear instructions. Crafting a clear landing page, squeeze page, or a speedy checkout process is also part of any PPC strategy. Paid ads money will go down the drain if your customers don’t know what to do after they give their first step into your sales funnel.


An eCommerce PPC company can help you analyze what your best products are and give them a prominent place on your landing page. They will also find out what products can be paired to make sure your average order value is as high as possible, or create a strategy to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.


A/B testing


1Digital Agency reveals that they have seen many merchants skip this crucial step thinking it will save them some money. However, if they really want to put out the best performing ad for their store, they need to perform A/B testing. It is the only way to find out which elements give their products a better chance to be found.


Crafting different image/copy combinations and investing a few dollars on each for a week can go a long way. If you check the hard data after a few days, you can know for certain which ad performs better and discard the rest. You can also tweak it in different ways until you get a decent CTR before committing to it. That’s the best way to maximize the performance of your ads without losing hundreds or thousands of dollars during the test phase.




The reasons your ads are not converting can be many. We hope these few tips will help you detect the problems your ads might be having. However, if you need to perform a quick eCommerce PPC audit, give 1Digital Agency a call at 888-982-8269 and they will point you in the right direction.

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