Top 6 Myths About Renting An Apartment Or House

When you want to rent an apartment or home, you may have seen some myths online about rental properties. Remember the myths below the next time you’re looking for a place. 


Property Managers Can Enter Whenever They Want


It’s not true that the Katy property management company your landlord uses can walk into your apartment any time. 


Legally, landlords need to give you a warning that they are going to enter the property. In most states, they are required to provide you with at least 24 hours’ notice. But when the management is showing many apartments, you may have a property manager or landlord who wants to enter any time to show the unit. 


But the reality is that you have rights. If you pay your rent on time, you have a right to live in peace. 

You Cannot Rent With Bad Credit


It is more difficult to rent with credit below 600, but not impossible. You can immediately clear up the issue if you can get someone to co-sign the lease for you. Also, if you can show that you have a steady job with good income and cash savings, you may get the property management company to lease to you. 


The Landlord Can Throw You Out For Any Reason


If the landlord wants to evict you, there must be a specific reason mentioned in the lease paperwork, such as you were late on rent too many times. But they must go through the local court system to evict you. 


Also, if you are paying on time, it’s illegal for the manager to shut off the electricity or heat. If they try that, you can take THEM to court. 

The Landlord Can End Your Lease Early 


Not true. If you are renting a house and the landlord wants to sell it, he has to wait until the end of your lease before doing anything. You are legally entitled to stay in the property as long as the lease says, as long as you pay on time. 

You Have To Have A High Income To Pay Rent On Time


Landlords who have been in the game for a long time know that some people with a high income can be the worst paying rent, and those with more unstable income can often be the best payers. It all comes down to your discipline with managing money, and it’s not always about who makes more.

Landlords Have To Repair Everything


The landlord must indeed make reasonable repairs, but the landlord isn’t usually responsible for every single repair. The lease should state what the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant is. 


In most states, the landlord must make repairs that affect the renter’s health, safety, or welfare. So, the landlord needs to make sure the heat works, but he isn’t responsible for replacing the bedroom door if it’s out of square and hits the frame when you close it. 


On a related note, landlords want to hear from you if something isn’t right in your unit; a small problem can become a big one if it isn’t addressed quickly. For example, any moisture in a place where it shouldn’t be should be investigated right away. 


Many people prefer to rent over owning their own home; it gives them the freedom to move when they like, and they don’t usually have to worry about fixing anything. When you rent your next apartment or home, keep these myths in mind, so you know what to expect.

But when the management is showing many apartments near Birmingham, you may have a property manager or landlord who wants to enter any time to show the unit.

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