5 fruits can that ease our health condition

Well, being healthy always does not mean having six-pack abs, biceps and triceps. It just means to have an effective body that can perform all its functions with ease and no external support. But in today’s society as soon as you ask how to be healthy? He or she would ask you to hit the gym. This is just pure non-sensical stuff.

Your sleeping habit, mental state, the food you eat, all such habits determine your health. Putting more stress on the food part, doctors from time immemorial have been asking us to have a balanced diet. But answer to yourselves with utmost honesty, how many of us really have a balanced diet? The majority is surely no.

In addition to a balanced diet, the food which one consumes is dependent on the type of work a person does. The diet of a student and a labourer will have striking differences. In the case of a student, the body needs more carbohydrates due to quick energy and vitamins and minerals for the sharpness of the brain needed for various activities like playing, studying, singing and whatnot. 

On the other hand, a labourer lifts heavy materials all day. Therefore, he needs a good amount of fats and carbohydrates. Vitamins and minerals are only needed in small amounts. This is the ideal case which is advised by doctors what happens is that everything is messed up. 

All of us have the same food be it an engineer, doctor or lawyer, no one has the time for such specifications in food. Therefore, you can eat these 5 fruits to make up for a healthy life so that you need not use Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 20 mg 


No doubt banana is the most consumed fruit if not, definitely one of the most consumed fruits worldwide. The reason for its high consumption is its availability 365 days a year. It is consumed by athletes, children and every kind of person irrespective of the profession or the work he or she does. Banana is an abundant source of carbohydrates that provide real-time energy for work. For example, you would have seen that sportsperson having bananas in the break time on the field. 

Apart from carbs it also contains starch in considerable amounts. Starch is one such compound that is good for your gut health as it facilitates the production of good bacteria in the intestine. Vitamin B6, Vitamin C also form up most of their composition.


Apples are said to have the ability to keep the doctor away. This is because it directly upgrades the immune system. Anyone suffering from constipation is advised to take apples daily due to their high fibre content. Being high in fibre makes it an indigestible compound making it a roughage. And being a roughage is good for the body because it acts as a smoother in excretion of faeces. The outward motion of the stool is processed with much ease. 


Orange is one of the many sources of citric acid and Vitamin C that is easily available. There are various ways by which you can consume orange. Orange juice is currently most popular among consumers. But doctors advise people do not take these drinks but eat a whole orange. Regular use of oranges keeps blood pressure, bad cholesterol and stress levels under control. In fact, oranges also contain many antioxidants to keep your body safe. Drink orange juice or have it directly with juicy pulp just savour the fruit. 


Doctors usually saw of eating an apple a day but you can also eat pineapple a day. The action will be similar because pineapple too has positive effects on the overall health condition. It is easily available in markets, therefore, you will not have a hard time getting the fruit. 

It is a source of Vitamin C along with manganese. Besides being an immunity booster, it helps in fighting against inflammation. Pineapple is too available in various forms such as jams, spreads, juices and slices. Some people have pineapple as their evening snack as well with a pinch of rock salt.


Last but not least how can one overlook the queen of fruits, Mango. With more than hundreds of varieties and present everywhere around the world, the buffet is quite long. Grown in the tropical regions mangoes rule the charts in taste as well as benefits. 

It is home to an antioxidant known as mangiferin. Doctors hold it capable of fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Like other fruits it too contains fibre thus, making your tummy happy by removing all the waste. It can be taken in form of juice, pudding, custard, cakes, slices or sweets as well. 


Taking these fruits is an easy affair because they are less expensive than when you Buy Cenforce 150 and Fildena. This makes them affordable and this is also the reason for their widespread consumption.

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