How to pick a hat according to your face symmetry?

The symmetry of the face of people makes a lot of difference. If the symmetry of your face is better, then you are likely to be considered more enchanting to other people. But if the symmetry of your face is not very appealing, then nothing can support it except for undergoing surgery which may not seem reasonable. But there is a particular aspect that may change the outlook of people towards you. 


For women, it is easier to become captivating to others. They can become more attractive if they get a nice haircut or when they wear makeup. But for men, this may not be a possible option since there are not enough hairstyles. A hat is an accessory that makes men more charming. But choosing the correct type of hat can sometimes be burdensome since you need to pick a hat that may suit the shape of your face to make you look more attractive and appealing to others. In this portable guide, you will get to know which men’s hats will suit you best according to the symmetry of your face.    


Anatomy of your headdress


If you are going to purchase a mens hat, there are three aspects that you need to know, or you can say that there are three parts of a hat, namely crown, band, and brim.

Now you will get to know what type of hat will be perfect for your face and in which category the shape of your face falls.


Men with a short face


One aspect of a short face is that it looks round. And if you have a full round face, you must be aware that your cheekbones are the broadest part of your face.

Recommended hats: Some of the advisable hats for short and round face men are fedora and Panama. The medium height of the crown with a slightly tapered hat like a fedora will best suit men whose cheekbones are widest. The soft angular features will look a bit taller, with thinner bands holding varying colors. Your face will look more appealing if the brim is relatively broad. But don’t forget to bend the headdress to make a face appear smaller.


Narrow and extended face


People whose face looks skinny and extended opt for a headdress that makes their face appear tinier, which means that the hat’s crown should be shorter or moderately tapered.

Recommended hats: Although fedora goes well with both extended and short faces for people with narrow and elongated faces, one of the features that you should remember while purchasing one for yourself is that the crown should not be Square-shaped, or the height should not be much. The wide brim and the band of the hat as in derby will suit your broad forehead. Tilting the headdress on one side with a subtle slant at the posterior is advisable.


Square faced men


When you take a look at the jawline, you will get to know if you have a square face or not. If the symmetry of all the sides of your face is the same, then you possess a square face.

Recommended hat: If the length of the crown will be medium as in a bowler hat, then a slight curvature will add up to your face. People who possess sharp jawlines must choose hats with a wide brim and minimum taper. When these types of hats are slightly bent, the straight lines of the face will not look highly defined.




Certain men possess long noses, and for them, hats that dissolve the line from the brim to the top of the nose look promising.

Recommended hats: Fedora hat that comes with a medium-length crown has a minimum taper. The band of the cap should be colorful and enormous. When such a hat tilts on one side, you are surely going to look charming.


Hat colors that go well with your hair, complexion, and outfits


All the hat colors go well with all the hair colors and face, but there are specific colors that best suit the hair color and complexion. You can wear hats on any outfit, but if you are very particular and want to look mesmerizing, there are specific hat colors that best flatter your dress.


The brown color goes well if your complexion is dark and ruddy. Grey colors go well with people having a complexion that is pale and ruddy. If you have hair colored in red or blonde, you should prefer a brown-colored hat. You can try a green hat as it goes well with almost all the popular hair colors such as red, blonde, brown, and grey.


If you have a brown hat, you can pair it with your brown or green suit. Grey hats look admirable when you wear black or dark grey suits.

It becomes very confusing when you have to choose a hat from the spectrum of options. But this guide on men’s hats will help you a lot when you are out shopping for headwear. 


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