Tips on choosing and wearing a wig

Most women who are facing hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy use a wig and alternate between wearing the wig and turbans. Remember, the hair will certainly grow back, although the density and color may not be exactly the same as they were before the treatment.

If you have long hair, consider cutting it shorter so that the transition to a wig or other headgear will be less noticeable. Once your hair starts to fall out, many recommend keeping your head shaved. This helps you to better control the situation and avoids the problem of finding hair all over the pillow when you wake up in the morning.

Hair loss usually begins 7 to 21 days from the start of treatment. About six months after the last treatment you should have hair again. Many women, after hearing that they will lose their hair, buy a wig made of natural hair, these natural hair wigs or hair bundles have a natural look and compared to synthetic wigs their maintenance and cleaning is very simple.

Before starting the treatment, take some photos of the current hair style. Save a hair sample from the top front of the head, where the hair is lighter, in case you want to choose a wig with the current color. To decide if the wig has the same color as the sample, observe it with natural light outside or near a window.

To avoid damaging a synthetic wig, use only special products for that type of wig. Wigs that are worn every day should be washed every 10-14 days, and more often if you are using hair spray and styling cream.

Use the shampoo according to the instructions provided, leave it to dry on its base so that the air can circulate through it, without rinsing and without a hairdryer. Synthetic wigs should always be stored on a stand, not in a plastic bag or box. Natural hair wigs are washed like normal hair and do not require special care and maintenance products.

The wig must be worn, holding it at the sides, with the woven label on the back, place it in the center of the forehead and slide it up from front to back. Then adjust the upper front so that it is at the height of your natural line. The wig will not look good natural if it is pulled too low in the front and should never be placed over the ears. If it slides upwards, a larger format is required. If it is too big, roll it up once it is on the head to adjust the back tabs.

The choice of color is defined by personal taste, as today there are many quadpay wigs or quadpay hair bundles to choose from, but there are some general rules: if you have black hair, choose a darker brown color for a more natural look. Another rule is that, as we age, a lighter color is more flattering. So, if you are a brunette with gray hair, consider choosing a wig in a lighter shade of brown, possibly with highlights, which gives a more natural and softer look. Now you have the chance to experiment with color without going through a lengthy expensive salon dye job yourself, you can try on a wig with a new color and be very happy with the compliments you receive.

While the thought of losing their hair can be scary, many women appreciate being able to use styles and colors they would never have dared to try with their own hair. Often women buy more than one wig and modify it to suit their mood. Natural hair wigs, especially body wave bundles, always look good and require almost no effort. In fact, some women continue to wear their wigs long after even though their hair has grown out, especially when they are in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the hairdresser.

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