2021 T20 world cup

If you are a cricket lover and want to get the complete matches and highlights then just visit here we have the options to watch all t20 matches and their ball to ball story in details. In 2021 there is lots of cricket will be watched not because of the T20 world cup yet likewise due to different country visits? 

Actually there are going on matches will between West Indies Versus Australia, Ireland Versus South Africa, England Versus Pakistan and Zimbabwe Versus Bangladesh then the World cup T20. 

Just conveyed the ICC t20 world cup 2021 Schedule, match date and time. World cup t20 will be held at UAE and Oman Fields. 

Get-together matches will be shown started from 17-Oct-21 and held at UAE and Oman then the Finals will come out and we will see finals at the given schedule underneath.


Date Semifinal | Final

11 November 2021 1 Semi-Last 

12 November 2021 2 Semi-Last 

14 November 2021 Final 


The ICC T20 World Cup has become a standard event wherever on the world. West Indies is working with the 2021 ICC T20 rivalry. It is composed by the Worldwide Cricket Chamber, the managing array of worldwide cricket. 


2021 t20 world cup schedule 

Match No Match Dates Teams                                              

1                 17-Oct-21 Sri Lanka vs Ireland

2               18-Oct-21 Papua New Guinea vs Oman

3               19-Oct-21 Bangladesh vs Namibia               

4               19-Oct-21 Netherlands vs Scotland               

5               20-Oct-21 Ireland vs Oman                

6               20-Oct-21 Sri Lanka vs Papua New Guinea

7               21-Oct-21 Namibia vs Scotland                

8               21-Oct-21 Bangladesh vs Netherlands

9               22-Oct-21 Papua New Guinea vs Ireland

10               22-Oct-21 Sri Lanka vs Oman               

11               23-Oct-21 Netherlands vs Namibia               

12               23-Oct-21 Bangladesh vs Scotland               

13               24-Oct-21 Australia vs Pakistan        

14               24-Oct-21 India vs South Africa        

15               25-Oct-21 TBC vs TBC                         

16               25-Oct-21 New Zealand vs West Indies   

17               26-Oct-21 Afghanistan vs TBC           

18               26-Oct-21 England vs TBC                         

19               27-Oct-21 New Zealand vs TBC          

20               28-Oct-21 Afghanistan vs TBC          

21               28-Oct-21 Australia vs West Indies          

22               29-Oct-21 Pakistan vs TBC

23               29-Oct-21 India vs TBC                         

24               30-Oct-21 England vs South Africa           

25               30-Oct-21 West Indies vs TBC           

26               31-Oct-21 New Zealand vs Pakistan          

27               31-Oct-21 Australia vs TBC                          

28               01-Nov-21 Afghanistan vs South Africa    

29               01-Nov-21 India vs England           

30               02-Nov-21 TBC vs TBC                           

31               02-Nov-21 New Zealand vs TBC             

32               03-Nov-21 Pakistan vs West Indies             

33               04-Nov-21 Australia vs TBC                          

34               04-Nov-21 Afghanistan vs England

35               05-Nov-21 South Africa vs TBC   

36           05-Nov-21 India vs TBC                  

37           06-Nov-21 Pakistan vs TBC                  

38           06-Nov-21 Australia vs New Zealand 

39           07-Nov-21 England vs TBC                

40           07-Nov-21 West Indies vs TBC

41           08-Nov-21 South Africa vs TBC

42           08-Nov-21 India vs Afghanistan  


Schedule arranging and planning

There will be 45 matches and one final match. Twelve social affairs (keeping an eye on 12 nations) will check out the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup. These 12 social affairs are segregated into 4 parties. The essential match will be between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. A sum of 27 matches will be played in UAE and Oman. The semi-finals will be played on May 13 and 14, 2021 at Bauzor Field, and the continue to go will be played on May 16, 2021 at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown. 


Rules and arranging 

During the get-together and Amazingly Eight phase, the get-togethers will get 2 focuses to lead the game. The losing get-together will get 0 center interests. In the event that there is no outcome in this specific match, each social occasion will be surrendered 1 point. This occurs if there ought to be an event of a tie, with the two get-togethers scoring similar number near the finish of their innings and an especially wrapped up. Super overs will be played at all times of the cricket contention under the prospect of a tie. 


2021 t20 world cup hosting country

Truth is that at first contest is written to anticipate 2020 in Australia yet on account of Covid it was conceded and moved to UAE and Oman in 2021. It is reality that UAE is the genuinely remarkable and most fitting country for Asian players to play cricket out there. You will see stacks of cricket and extraordinary in all actuality on account of the pleasant air for the players, solid to recorded and explosive batting will be shown there. So as the Oman has really well in light of its Grounds and fields to play matches in any condition. Over every one of the 2021 will be the best a long time for cricket sweethearts and they will notice heaps of high assessed organizes out there.

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