Small Towns in India are the Hotspot of Gaming. But why?

The gaming culture in India is spreading really fast to all corners. Even the remote places are not unfamiliar with this anymore. In fact, it is the tier II and III cities that are emerging as the gaming hotspot of the country. Whether it be a real money gaming app or just a browser-friendly online game, the popularity of online gaming in the small towns of India raises an important question: why are small towns in India the hotspot of gaming? 

There is no single answer to this. Over time, different factors have come together that have made the success of online gaming in India’s small cities and towns. Some of these factors are as follows: 

Easy Internet Accessibility 

The digitization of India has been largely successful as almost all the parts of the country have got access to the internet in recent years. The availability of the world wide web has made it possible for people to access global information in the palm of their hands. But this phenomenon is not limited to accessing information only. A major boost has been seen in the online gaming sector ever since the internet has gone pan-India. People in small towns and cities are able to play their favourite games online without needing to worry about poor internet connection. The games, too, have been designed in such a manner that they can be played online with minimum configuration and data usage.

Easy access to the internet has been an impetus in the rise of online gaming in many small towns of India. 

Cheaper Data Pack

There will not be much point in easy access to the internet if the data cost is unfeasible for most Indians. However, with multiple telecommunication giants operating in the country, the tight competition between them has brought the data pack at a lower price. With the reduced cost of the data pack recharge, more and more people are able to join the online gaming platform. Naturally, this has helped the online gaming sector such as poker online apps in a significant manner. More new users are joining their platform on a daily basis. The case is more evident in the small towns since the bigger cities of India had already got more than decent internet infrastructure. But now the small cities and towns are also emerging rapidly. 

Multiplayer Gaming

The most exciting part of online gaming is multiplayer gaming. Playing with one’s family members and friends over the internet is really exciting. With the lockdown continuing in many cities of India, online gaming is one of the most effective ways of digital socialization. Some gaming apps also provide a live video chat option so that you can talk on a video call with your loved ones while continuing to enjoy the game. Moreover, you can also play with any random user on the internet. With the real money gaming app, you can also win exciting cash rewards while playing with others.   

Entertainment Quotient

The entertainment factor had always been slow to reach the small towns. Whether it be multiplexes or digital gaming, small towns have always been behind in receiving these benefits. But a 4G internet connection at a cheaper cost has changed this equation altogether. With the high-speed internet facility available, even the small towns are not behind in anything now. The same stands true for entertainment in these places. Online gaming and OTT platforms are now easily accessible in many small towns of the country. As a result, the gaming sector is flourishing in these places. In fact, these towns are having a greater share of online games than even the major cities of the country. They are fully utilizing the entertaining potential of these gaming platforms.

Money Gaming Apps

The job opportunities in small towns are relatively lower than the metropolitan cities, and this makes online gaming so popular here. Now there are several money gaming apps available that give players the opportunity to earn money by playing these games. This is one of the biggest impetus for many players who join the online community to play and download a real money gaming app. The economic prospect of real money online games could be compared with YouTube. With a good internet connection in the small towns, more and more people are opening their YouTube channels and getting them monetized. Just like many people are earning money through YouTube, gaming is another sector that seems quite promising in this regard. 

Budget-Friendly Smartphones

Online gaming apps would be nothing without a smartphone. The smartphone industry has boomed so much in the last few years that it is difficult to operate in the modern world without a smartphone. Even in small towns, their demand is so high. With so many companies in the market, the price of smartphones has become so budget-friendly that people of the lower middle class can easily afford them as well. With the rise in demand for smartphones, there has also been a rise in the demand for online games. People living in the remote corners of the city can easily enjoy and earn money by playing online games via their smartphones. Thus, the accessibility of the smartphone in small towns has automatically paved the way for the rising trend in games in these places.


All these factors and several others have led to creating small towns, the hub of online gaming. From every aspect, whether it be for entertainment or earning money, games are providing new opportunities to people in small cities and towns to seize on these opportunities. Going by the views of the experts, the trend in these towns for online gaming is only going to rise in the coming years.

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