You Need to Know the Myths About Pimples

Pimples are a type of inflammatory skin condition that can be annoying for both men and women. You get spots and red bumps on the face, neck, and upper arms because of pimples or acne. Although it is a skin condition known to happen during adolescence, it can happen in the later years too. Acne or pimple zits can leave severe scars on your skin, and depending on the severity of the pimples, one must consult with a dermatologist. You can make a doctor’s appointment online nowadays and find answers to various pimple-related questions.

For those who believe in certain myths about pimples, this article will help them to rethink all those established beliefs. Rumors and myths about pimples only make people make the wrong decision regarding proper skin care and pimple or acne treatments. 

Without further ado, let’s get into debunking the popular myths around pimples.

Myth 1- Pimples Are Puberty Condition Only

Yes, pimples are more prone to occur in teenagers. It is a skin condition that gets triggered with overactive sebaceous glands and may happen even after 30. Stress and pregnancy can also trigger pimples and acne formation, and there is no reason about restricting pimples to the teenage bracket only. 

Myth 2- Pop Them When Ready

If you are one of those people who wait to pop the pimple after it gets matured enough, stop yourself right away. When a pimple reaches its ultimate pus-filled condition, you must not pop it out as that will cause scarring to your skin and lead to more pimple formation. 

Myth 3- Anti-Pimple Creams Always Work

Pimple-specific drugstore skincare products may prove useful in controlling pimples. But there is no cure to it. You may see a red pop at any time, no matter how many times you wash your face with an anti-pimple face wash. This is why it is necessary to consult with a dermatologist and get the right skincare products suitable for your skin type.

Myth 4- Pimples Occurs on Face Only

We see pimples on faces mostly because that is where it is clearly visible. People forget to notice if there is any pimple formation on the neck or shoulder area. This means pimples do occur on other parts of your body and not just on your face.

Myth 5- Poor Hygiene Causes Pimples

One must always be clean and maintain hygiene. However, hygiene and cleanliness is not a factor that can give pimples and acne. Dirt and dust will not give you acne or pimples. But a clean face will not allow bacteria to enter the existing acne and create bigger boils. 

Myth 6- Regular Facial Reduces Pimples

No amount of facial can stop your acne and pimples until you see a skin specialist. Facial includes massaging that can activate the oil glands of the face, promoting more acne and pimples. Plus, facial scrubbing is also a strict no-no as it can increase acne flare. 

Myth 7- Lemon Juice and Toothpaste Works 

Lemon juice has antimicrobial properties and acts as a good agent to reduce pimples. But using lemon juice directly on the pimples may have adverse effects. It can irritate and may lead to oozing from the bumps. Toothpaste, on the other hand, has baking soda that can dry out the pimples. This does not mean that toothpaste can cure pimples. Moreover, the use of toothpaste can also deteriorate your condition. 

It is best to visit a dermatologist and avail of the right treatment suitable for your skin type. Talk to a dermatologist in Pune and find the best solution for pimples and acne. 

Self-care Tips To Reduce Pimples

Apart from getting a doctor’s appointment for pimple treatment, you must stop the urge of picking or squeezing your pimples. Also, do not rub your skin roughly with any scrub as that can aggravate pimples. Drink a lot of water and eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. 

Bottom Line:

Most of the pimple and acne treatments require 4 to 8 weeks before you start seeing any improvements. Talk to your doctor about all the queries you have and follow the instructions given. 

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