A Guide to Hiring Your Next Project Management Employee

Businesses and entrepreneurs need people to help them become more successful in their endeavors. Unfortunately, many don’t have an idea about what they are looking for, especially when hiring project managers. 

For people to be effective in a given role, they must have the knowledge, experience, and skills to do the job. Fortunately, if you’re a business owner, you’re not left alone in the dark. Many project management recruiters will help you find the best person that will fit the job position. These recruitment firms are experienced in your industry, and they will know what your business is all about so they can find the right experts. Other tips that can guide you are the following:

Avoid Generic Words in Job Descriptions

Many advertisements about a specific role were taken out of books and generic terms in the past. Some of the words may include the following: works well under pressure, can work without guidance, has excellent communication skills, is a great team player, and a self-starter.

These kinds of descriptions may give you lots of applications that you don’t have time to screen. Instead, what you need is to avoid the generic and trite requirements and do a description of the actual project. While excellent managers can work pretty much in any type of work, they will still prefer those that will give them satisfaction and enjoyment. Read more about working with managers on this page.

When you discuss the specific needs of a particular position, you can get more responses from better candidates. Some won’t bother applying because they know that they will be doing something that they rather not. You may be better off with someone who can lead the team than an individual who treats the entire thing like a bothersome grocery shopping experience.

Decide the Exact Qualities that you Need

You may want to discuss the functional and technical qualities that you need in an in-depth way. One of the best responses was described as having knowledge that is an inch deep and a mile wide. Suppose you have a computer networking project that you want to be done. In that case, you may want to determine whether you’ll hire someone with an in-depth understanding of the Cisco IOS versions or someone who has a good understanding of the difference between a switch or router.

If you require someone with Cisco knowledge, most likely, you’ll need an engineer. The second one is something that any good project manager can handle because the knowledge can be quickly learned. They already have expertise in the industry that can further be compounded with experience.

Another option is to hire both PMs and engineers as a single person. This way, you can dramatically reduce the number of applicants, and only the qualified and select few will submit their resumes. You can be hiring an expert project manager that will do a lot for the entire company. You can save time and attract the best applicants if you have an idea of what you need.

Critical Projects Need Dedication

Many firms are already into cost-cutting processes, so managers are trying to do their best with less workforce required. Unfortunately, cost-cutting practices can be applied to the position itself, which is why a manager today has expanded roles and not just ordering people around. 

If you expect the PMs to get their hands dirty and ensure that they lead the team by example, it’s best to set these expectations before them. Read more about a PM’s job description in this url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_manager. For a smaller project, this won’t be a problem as long as there are not going to be dozens of these jobs that need to be finished simultaneously. 

When you’re working on something more extensive and critical, you may need dedicated people that will oversee everything. This can be an added cost today, but you can reap plenty of returns on your investment later on. If the project is already funded, planned, and getting started, it’s not ideal for cutting corners with people. 

If you have a specific methodology in mind, you need to say this at the start. Applicants should be willing to use the methods that work for the company. You may use a combination of processes, and you need a PM with experience working on these projects.

Unfortunately, many don’t have an idea about what they are looking for, especially when hiring project managers.

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