5 Different Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers for Your Business

Are you on the hunt for new ideas to elevate your business? Or looking for ways to reach more customers? Even if you are after a low-cost option to revamp your packaging, look no further. 

In this article, we will talk about all things vinyl stickers to help you stand out from your competition. Yes, stickers! Those little adhesive-backed pieces of paper or plastic unlock new ways of marketing your business. 

 Our 5 tips will hopefully inspire you to give stickers a try, so let’s get started!

  1. Giveaways 

Stickers are extremely low-cost which makes them a great freebie to include with all orders or give away at exhibitions or to influencers. We recommend investing in die-cut stickers for this. These stickers will be cut individually around the shape of your design – perfect for handing them out! 

Stickers are rarely perceived as advertising. Instead, they are seen as a gift. Gift-giving is an established marketing strategy that alludes to social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. When we receive a gift, no matter how small, we feel the need to return the favor. In this case, this can be a purchase or even a social media post. 

Including stickers with all orders can also transform your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Imagine the power of a loyal customer having your logo stuck to the back of their laptop and singing your praises to colleagues and friends! 

  1. Product labelling 

There is no inherent difference between a sticker and a label. When peeled from the backing paper, they look exactly the same. However, whereas stickers are individually cut, labels are on sheets. This allows you to peel and apply them 65% faster which can be a real time saver, especially when you label thousands of products. 

This is a great way for small businesses to customize their products at a low price. You can bulk buy jars, bottles or boxes and brand them yourself using stickers. 

Many manufacturers offer great effect materials. Glitter or holographic labels are perfect for premium products and will really make your business stand out. 

  1. Packaging 

The same applies to overall packaging. Not only your actual product should carry your logo. You can extend this to your packaging and mailers. 

This is a chance for you to create a memorable unboxing experience and coherent branding. A great experience with not only your product but your entire brand will ensure that your customer will remember you which will make repeat purchases much more likely. 

Your packaging also allows you to communicate your brand values. If you are using compostable or recyclable packaging, make sure you use an equally biodegradable sticker or label too.

  1. Shop window signage 

If you have a physical storefront, do not neglect your shop windows. Whether you are part of a charming high street or placed in a shopping mall, your shop windows are your business card, igniting curiosity and luring people into your store. 

Window stickers are made from a transparent vinyl and thus often referred to as transparent stickers. They will showcase your logo but still allow your customers to see your products through the shop window. Make sure your printing supplier can print full colors on transparent material to make sure your design really pops!  

  1. Guerilla marketing 

Guerilla marketing describes alternative ways to generate exposure for your business. Guerilla is a term that originated in warfare, describing the advantage a small, yet mobile civilian force can have over larger military groups. 

In marketing, this means that small businesses can use resources besides financial investment to create amazing campaigns. Instead of money, these strategies will need creativity, time and energy. 

Guerilla marketing is all about catching your customers off-guard and placing them in a situation where they will have an emotional reaction to your product. 

This Guinness advert is a perfect example. Customers are already in a pub environment where the beer is readily available, they just need a nudge to buy a specific brand. Guinness catches them in the ideal moment, while they are awaiting their turn. 


And that’s it! We hope that we could show you why stickers should not be underestimated and can become your secret weapon that can help you reach your growth targets and reach a whole new customer base. 

If you are already using custom stickers for your branding or have any questions, please share them in the comments below! 

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