Tips to sell Real Estate Properties to Chinese Investors

You have a lot of conventional ways to promote and sell real estate properties to foreign investors. But if you wish to attract the wealthiest investors of Asia to sell real estate properties, then you should revolutionize your approach. WeChat has brought a big digital marketing invention in the past few years. So businesses using WeChat have access to the most lucrative investors: Chinese consumers. The major investment destinations for Chinese buyers are the United States, Canada and Australia. Recently, Toronto showed amazing trends at the property markets and real estate agents have some amazing success stories to share about their Chinese property investors.

Till now, just 3 percent of the prospective Chinese investors have reached the Toronto market which reveals there is more for you to access. A lot of Chinese investors buy property in Canada, USA because of the devaluation of the Yuan, Chinese currency. Hence, they find it safer to invest in New York or Toronto.

So, how to sell real estate properties to Chinese investors:

  1. Microsites

Well, WeChat is fully customizable. Once you have made your business account, make sure you desire a microsite which will be hosted in the app. It functions as an e-brochure and a gallery to show your properties. Include some case studies and explain your skills and values. Share details of the other properties you have sold.

  1. Good content

Design a good website and promote it well in China. Chinese web is a great way to show off your real estate skills. If you have a good list of real estate properties and high values, then you will surely have good buyers.

  1. Collect reviews and testimonials

Just like every product and service advertised in the market, you also should have testimonials from your past clients to build trust in your company. Remember, before consulting your realtor, customers would check your repute and visibility.

  1. Property forums

A lot of Chinese investors first consult others in the same profession, hence property forums with active communities can help you in it. If you have just started and don’t have a clientele list, then create traffic on your site with good content and promotion. Ask simple questions on forums and answer them. Include related links in your answers which directs users to your website.

  1. Hire a good Chinese realtor Toronto

One of the best ways to understand this cultural difference, ease the language barrier and to smooth the communication procedure is to hire an expert and trained Chinese realtor Toronto. If you are already a company with Chinese realtor, then you will have a competitive edge over your competitors. They know the right way to deal with Chinese real estate investors and will cut down the language barrier too.

Usually Chinese investors look out for real estate companies with Chinese realtors for a smooth transaction and good experience. Alah Zheng specializes in commercial and residential property sales in Toronto. He is known to render outstanding services to his clients and ensures that each of them meets their long-term investment goals. Previous post Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photos
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