Elements of Android Jetpack 2.0 released – learn more information this year

Android app development has been around for a while now. Along its way, there were many techniques and approaches that were tried and then discarded. Many programming arrangements were applied, replaced and rejected. Android app development has a lot of history, and while some of that history remains relevant in today’s era, a lot of it is just baggage. And so, Jetpack is a way of thinking about Android app development that scraps some of that baggage. Subsequently, what’s worth a decade of Android app development, 2018 finally debuted the second generation of Android app development methods that are highlighted by Jetpack and the AndroidX family of libraries. This book follows in the footprints of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, to familiarize developers to Android app development with its main focus on Jetpack. Here you will Learn more about how to set up an top android app developer

 This book is focused on the writing of Android apps. An app is what a user may install from the Play Store or else download to their device. That app usually has some UI, and it may have other codes designed to work in its background. The focus of Jetpack and this book in particular by extension; is on the practises that are currently recommended to be used in Android. So, with this they try to ignore most of the history, or at-least put it in its rightful place. And in place of which, they try to help you build android apps using up-to-date approaches that bypass the approaches of the past.

Android app Development

Learning Android app development might seem like an intimidating task, but it can help opening up a huge world of opportunities. One can create the very next hit app that alters the way we work or interact with each other now.  Learning Android app development may not be as tough as you might think, as long as you recognize what all the diverse moving parts are for, and have a roadmap with you to guide you through. Hera are some steps to help you with that:

  1. Download the tools that you will need for Android App Development

First thing first, you will need to create your own development environment so that your desktop is ready to sustain your Android development objectives. And for that, you will need an Android Studio and the Android SDK. Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE), in which you can enter your codes and get access for all development tools that are necessary for app development.

  1. Starting a New Project

Once you have the Android Studio on your device, the very next step is to start a new project. You have to make a few decisions that affect your app development. It can also make things complicated and a little bit risky as you might still be gripping on how to develop a perfect app. You also will have to decide in what language you will be coding in i.e. Java or Kotlin and also where do you want these files to be saved at.

Java vs Kotlin: One of the major decisions that you will need to make as an Android developer is whether you will be learning to code in Kotlin or Java. Both the languages are officially supported by both Google and Android Studio, but they do have some discrete differences. Java has been sustained by Google for an extensive duration and is the one that developers have been using to create Android apps for years. Java also is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the realm. Kotlin in contrast has become Google’s desired choice for Android development. This is considered as a default when starting a new app and it is likely to become more common in future. Kotlin is also considerably easier to get to hold on to if you are a complete beginner.

And finally, you need to consider the minimum SDK; it is the lowest version of SDK that you want your app to support. The lower this number, the wide-ranging your potential will be with your customers.


  1. Acquaint yourself with the  files

There are a vast number of files, multiple kinds of codes, folders and much more on the android studio. So many that at times it can be very confusing for the beginners. You should learn more about the following and keep these in mind while programming; drawable, values, the android manifest and gradle.


  1.   Test your app

The primary thing that you are supposed to do when familiarizing yourself with any different programming language, is to create an app that very clearly says “Hello World.” Appreciatively, it is very easy in this case, knowing that there is a code that already does this. If you look at the XML, it takes an account of a small label that just says: Hello World! Also, you can try plugging a physical device into your computer and by means of this, test your new app. Though, you will need to turn-on Developer Options and enable the USB debugging.


  1. Create a thing!

The best way of learning almost each and everything is by doing it, and so is the case with android app development. This means you should always try to create something new with the codes that you are presented with. The more you use it the more you will learn and advance yourself.


About Hiring Dedicated Android App Developers

 A business that chooses to stay away from the mobile app for its business promotion is actually giving away its customers to their competitors. Mobile Apps have been considered as the most competent way to reach out to the audience by the business world, which as it is, See this here best full stack android developer for growth and development for one’s own business. An App would need customizations, upgrades and maintenance cycles; and this is why it is better recommended to hire a full stack android app developer or an android app development company to make things easier for the business.

why businesses should hire dedicated full stack android developers:

  1. Dedicated efforts: developing an android app is always associated with a marketing strategy and that will surely make the timelines very perilous for its delivery. Hiring a dedicated mobile app Development Company to make certain that the mobile App receives all required attention, so that the App is ready in time and as per the requirements.
  2. Specific skill set: even though you have an IT team with you, app development would require specific programming skills. For developing an android app, you will need a designer, a developer, a tester and an enormous knowledge of framework selection. All this sure does come with a price, mobile app development is entirely a technical job and a mobile app development company has everything that is required to develop a precise and specific mobile App.
  3. Higher level of Commitment: dedicated full stack android developers that come from a company have a rapport that they have to ensure that they protect. Hiring an App development company brings along a promise of back-up. Just in case the developer who was managing your project leaves the project for some unknown reason, it then becomes the responsibility of the company to ensure that your App is developed within time and as per the commitments that they had made

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