Automotive Designing in Mexico is the Future of the Country

Automotive design includes artistic discipline with industrial designing to accomplish the aesthetics and structural look for an automobile in the future. In the last decade, automotive manufacturing Mexico has become productive and challenging. As per the program manager of Ford Motor company, automotive design in Mexico has become a common reality. This is derived from industrial design which handles integral composition of all kinds of car. So, it handles all stages of automotive design right from the primary idea to the design of the minutest details.
The industry in the country still has a long way to be a prominent member in this field. According to the speech of Juan M. Santillan, the development of Mexico in the field of automotive design will be noteworthy to witness in the coming times. Not only will it produce and sell cars abroad but will also export models which are designed to reach the export markets of the country.
The automotive industry in Mexico is well-sited
The geographical location of Mexico is favorable and unique not just because it is close to the USA, the market with largest use of vehicles globally, but also because Mexico is lucky to be connected with several trading partners via the free trade agreements. Mexico is regulated by 12 commercial accords which state relationships with 46 countries.
The automotive companies look forward to hiring grads from Mexican institutes of higher learning. Large emphasis is being placed to search for new talent that can add to the company’s work in engineering and automotive designing. Hiring qualified human resources will play a major role in allowing the car production companies to face present and future challenges which oppose automotive manufacturing Mexico.
Automotive design in Mexico of bodies, chassis and spare parts may take between 18 to 35 months. Speaking about the cost involved, investment in the production and development of these parts may range somewhere between US $1 billion and US $4 billion.
The engineering and design requisitions of cars relate to the section of the market at which efforts are being made. Hence, it is important to consider the choice of the right technology, relevant government requirements and incorporation of full automotive design in such a manner that the vehicle is manufacture-able.
Educational Partnerships drive automotive design in Mexico
For innovative and achievable automotive designs, collaboration between the car companies and higher education institutes is important. Educating students in the field of automotive design in Mexico is a challenge for most colleges. Along with industrial design, the students should take a career which includes technical drawing, physics, math as well as computer science.
The car companies are partnering with the universities to enhance the knowledge and training of the engineering students and future car designs. The procedure of talent acquisition and project generation should be given more importance with teachers.
Also, links should be made between colleges and companies involved in automotive design in Mexico so that the end product meets the demands of manufacturers and customers in the international markets.

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