Stroller Wagons vs. Standard Strollers: Which one should you pick?

When it comes to choosing baby products, the choices are uncountable. Similarly, a huge variety of baby strollers and wagons are available in the market, ranging from different features, sizes, and purposes.

However, both baby strollers and wagons fulfill the basic purpose of transporting the baby safely and effectively as you commute. Due to that, many parents think they both are probably the same thing. But, no, they are not. 

Stroller wagons are made for long travel, going to picnic or camping sites along with the baby. In contrast, the standard strollers serve the purpose of taking your baby for casual walks, jogging, or to the grocery store situated in your neighborhood.  


Everything You Need To Know About Stroller Wagons

A stroller wagon is a relatively modern concept of a baby stroller. It is a combination of a stroller and wagon that offer comfy seating, proper seat belts, a padded cushion, and a large room of storage for keeping all your baby essentials and traveling items. Companies like  Wonderfold stroller wagon are providing stylish stroller wagons at very affordable prices. 


  • Brakes 

Stoller wagon consists of an advance 1 step foot brake system and lockable wheels that allow a parent to stop the wagon very easily while traveling. 

  • Adjustable handle

The stroller wagon has a height-adjustable handlebar that makes pushing the stroller very comfortable. In addition, its ergonomic design allows both partners to push the stroller together while walking, even if they aren’t of roughly the same height. 

  • Pull features

In addition to the push handlebar, a stroller wagon is equipped with a telescopic pull handle with spring bounce technology that offers parents great convenience when traveling on the beach or bumpy roads with the baby. 

  • Removable seats 

The seats on the stroller wagon are removable. That means if you’re not carrying all four babies in the wagon, you can remove the seats to increase the space.  

  • Flate Able 

Stoller wagons can be shaped flat. Therefore, it’s very easy to fold and unfold the stroller wagons. 

  • Pockets 

Huge pockets provide a large room of storage where a good amount of things can be stored. 

  • Holds 4 Passengers 

The compartment has huge storage to accommodate four kids easily. 

  • UPF Rated Canopy 

The canopy of the stroller wagon can be moved horizontally to protect the baby from harmful UV rays. Its made up of UPF rated material that stops the UV rays from passing from the canopy. 

  • Shocks

The shocks of the stroller wagon ensure stability, so when parents walking on an uneven surface or beach, the baby can have a less bumpy ride.

  • Futureproof 

Stroller wagons are futureproofed, which means your baby can use them after growing up as well. Not only that, you can use a stroller wagon to move your stuff as well when you’re kid has grown older or passed the age of stroller. 


Everything You Need To Know About Baby Strollers 

A baby stroller is nothing new. It has been there for a long time. However, the options get better with time. Now, there are many types of baby strollers ranging from the double stroller, travel, jogging stroller, umbrella stroller, etc. 


  • Breaks 

A baby stroller consists of two working lock mechanism that allows you to look front wheels to a stroller can stand still when you’re not walking. Also, some models of the baby stroller have a break built-in at the handlebar. 

  • Suspension 

Some baby stroller types like jogging strollers equip with an advanced suspension system that reduces the movement when a parent is jogging the baby. 

  • Car Seat

Baby strollers of different models can also be used as baby car seats and bassinet for infants. So, you don’t have to buy a car seat separately.

  • Accessories 

A baby stroller can be loaded with accessories. You can add baby toys, additional bags for storage, a mobile holder, and so much more to a baby stroller.

  • Basket

A standard baby stroller is equipped with a basket for storing all the baby’s essential things when parents are out walking with a baby. The basket has enough storage to hold all the baby items. However, it can be replaced with a big basket as well. 

  • Extendable 

Some models of baby strollers like full size strollers, allowing you to add more seats to a stroller. So, you can add a seat for a new baby or extend the seat as your baby is growing out. 

  • Foldable 

A baby stroller can be folded compactly. These features make it a perfect choice for parents who travels with the baby in the car a lot as it can be easily folded and loaded into a car trunk. 

  • Wheels 

Baby strollers come in different shapes. You can single, double, triple, and quad wheeler strollers common in the market. Some stroller models have rubber-coated plastic wheels that could fulfill the basic purpose of walking with the baby in a city. At the same time, some models have foam-filled or even air-filled tires to provide the smother ride to a baby in rural areas with uneven roads. 

Which one could be your best pick?

Well, the right pick totally depends on the purpose and lifestyle of the parents. If you’re someone who likes to go on beaches, adventures, and picnic with your baby, a stroller wagon would be the perfect choice for you. It has got everything you need. It’s future-proof, durable, and comfortable. On the other hand, if you’re someone who lives in the middle of a busy city and has to use a car a lot, a baby stroller would be the right choice for you. It’s portable, less weighted, and easy to load in the car trunk.  

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