This Year Will Be The Year of Fashion Brochure Template

When we talk of marketing and promotions then Brochure is something that can’t be missed. Well, though marketing and all has become a digital thing brochure as a tool has maintained its relevance. It is still one of the preferred options to act as a mouthpiece of your business and services in front of potential clients. A brochure is not only a piece of promotion for your services and business. Rather it allows the viewer to learn more about your brand and business and get an insight into it. Thus, it is something that businesses can’t miss to have as a part of their digital marketing and promotion strategy. 


It doesn’t matter whether you are a big brand or an individual excellent lifestyle designer, planner a brochure is common for spelling your business out to clients. The best thing about brochures is that they come in various designs and fashion. That is you have a variety to choose from as per your business needs and taste. The designers are putting in their efforts and creativity to develop more and more new brochure designs and templates that can woo your clients. Like last year this year too we would see a range of fashionable and attractive brochure templates. You are excited, right? Well we know and that’s why we going to discuss some of the popular fashion brochures and templates that we think would be ruling 2021. 


Event Theme Broucher 

Last year many things went online due to the pandemic. This year is going the same way too. Amidst this majority of the business organized their promotions through events and seminars to attract clients. Thus the event theme brochure was a popular theme which many of you might have seen as a mail from some company in your inbox. The event theme brochure has a simple and crisp idea of telling about the event while quietly promoting the products and services. 


Bi-Fold Corporate Brochure 

Yes, you would say this is so boring but that’s not true really. The bi-fold corporate brochures are still a hit. With new background themes, templates, and artistic touch these brochures are still in demand. Firms that are well established and have a defined customer base try to go simple and standard with these corporate brochures. So, what seems boring and old-fashioned is actually in demand.  


Book Type Brochure 

The book style brochure has been a trend that is picking over the last few years. Either the businesses that have multiple products to display or products that are to be described clearly to the clients go for it. Usually what book type means is that the brochure would have a structure like that of a book. It doesn’t mean that it would carry pages as there are in a book rather it would have 2-3 leaflets. 


Nature Themed Brochure

If your business or services are promoted with the tag of environment friendly then this is the design for you. A nature-themed brochure is popular for businesses like the ones which offer organic products say food or have something to do with veganism. This kind of brochure is also well suited for a gentle presentation where you want to soothe and attract the viewer with the color composition and images in front. The best thing is that with this theme the design is clear cut.


Square Mini Type

This is one of the interesting kinds of top brochure design services that is now getting back in trend. From the top view, it looks like that zig-zag kind of shape but actually, it is more of 6-7 square panels that are arranged in that fashion. The panels provide you enough space to say if you want to cover one product, theme, or service at length on one page. Thus, it’s a cool option to watch for. 


Hospitality Themed Broucher

These kinds of the brochure as the name suggests is mostly for hospitality services provider like hotels, resorts, clubs, etc. The reason why this kind of brochure theme has been in demand since last year is due to the industry’s need to market. Hospitality is the industry that is affected badly by the pandemic. Thus, there is a need for businesses in the industry to be vocal and visible with their advertisements. 


Black Theme Broucher

Black is a color that is known for its mightiness and attraction. If you are looking to grab the viewer without doing much then this is the option for you. The royal black theme brochure is one of the best options to display your business. You can customize it as per your needs and can present your brand and business in all attractive and glamorous ways to the clients. 


So, these are the themes that we feel would be seen doing the rounds in terms of popularity this year. If you think that we missed something then we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share your views with us. 


Author Bio:


Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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