Pair Of Boots That You Will Need to Perform Better at Your Job

The world of building sites, construction, and work wear just got a whole lot more stylish and it is much more than just fancy clothing and new equipment. Men have been creating and constructing buildings and projects for centuries, and as the size and scale of them increase so does the need for safety and thus more rigorous, secure, and supportive gear is needed.


A Quick Memory Lane.

I remember walking and hanging around my dad’s workshop on weekends waiting for him to finish up the smell of diesel and petrol hanging in the air, and everything seemingly covered in grease.  He worked on rigs far out at sea for months on end and all I can picture are the 3 pairs of boots lined up at the front door next to his work luggage as he got ready to leave again.

At the time I thought they looked great, always clean, simple, and at one point I wanted a pair for myself, but he did mention that on occasion they wouldn’t feel as comfortable or that he could ‘feel’ if something dropped on his foot which wasn’t supposed to happen when you had the regulated steel toe (see more on them here ) boots or shoes.

I didn’t realize at the time they had it but thinking about it now it makes sense seeing those bulky humps at the front of the boots.


Style versus Safety.

What we love about this statement is that you can now have the best of both worlds, no more wanting to ensure your safety and leave work at the end of the day with both feet and all your toes and sacrificing the look of the boot. There are newly thought about and designed footwear that gets the job done but that allows you to transition from the building site to the office without needing to match your attire accordingly. 

You want a shoe that is supportive, lightweight, and most importantly has puncture protection especially when working on high rises where things tend to fall unexpectedly. While you can’t essentially put a price on a foot, buying the most expensive boot on the market is not always the most advisable option. You still want protection but that which is affordable. 

Finding the right fit when it comes to mens black moc toe boots can seem simple enough, but the wrong pair could be your work day’s worst nightmare, it is vital to get fitted properly for your foot type and the most suitable option for the working environment you will be in. 

Boots can mean the difference between a job done well and one that has been rushed and perhaps not up to usual standards all because you can’t wait to kick off your boots, nobody enjoys working in pain, and now you have no need to.

Footwear importance.

A shoe that rubs, chaffs, or isn’t up to the needed thermal protection can cause you or your employees a lot of stress and grief on the job. You begin to compensate the way you walk to prevent further injury or pain thus the objective of the shoe is not met, and in doing so it not only leads to long-term health issues but the legs and feet become over-worked and lethargic. 

Tired legs are a hazard in themselves which is why the correct shoes are important, you can read all about it if you click here and see that the initial investment when paying for the shoes will work to your advantage as time goes on. And to be honest you are more than likely going to be on your feet all day, up and down scaffolding or walking from one end of the site to the other, give them the care they deserve. 

If you are looking for boots to start with at your new job the best advice would be to buy them a few weeks in advance and wear them in a little each day to get used to them and for them to mold and settle to your feet. 

Not only will you be more comfortable but sparkling new shoes on the first day of work doesn’t scream confidence, you want to look experienced and in a small sense ‘weathered’ by an industry that you love.

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