How can I make improvements in my garden?

Gardens are a very popular addition to homes, and being able to make the most of the space not only improves your property value but makes your time more enjoyable while you live there. If you’ve got garden space but want to make some improvements, we have put together some ideas to inspire you!

  1. Create seating

Developing a seating area in your garden is an incredibly attractive change to make, as it will act as a sort of extension to the home in the summer months, giving you more space. There are many ways that you can do this, depending on the space that you’ve got – for paved areas, adding a table and chairs with a parasol creates a comfortable area to sit, or for gardens that are all grass might benefit from foldable chairs that you can move easily.

You can choose furniture that fits best in your garden – some like to go with a traditional wooden set, whereas others might choose something that looks more comfortable with plush seating. Remember, though, if you’re going for this sort of material, you’ll need to store it somewhere in the winter to avoid damp or damage, which is why wooden sets tend to be a more popular option as they can just be left alone.

  1. Dig out an allotment

Allotments are desirable for several reasons, offering a peaceful hobby as well as an attractive addition to the garden. You can grow your own fruits and veg and look at other plants that you want to try, bringing some colour and excitement to your garden.


If you haven’t got the space for this, you can look at getting some compost bags that will act the same allowing you to plant seeds and grow them without taking up as much space or disturbing the grounds – great for anyone who has a very rocky garden space. Tomatoes and courgettes are easy to grow, along with strawberries and runner beans, and will make any garden look more exciting!


  1. Add an archway

Arches are being seen inside and out of homes more and more, and it’s no wonder when they look as sophisticated as they do. Perfect for opening up space while catching the eye, there are lots of ways that you can add an archway into your garden to make the place look more attractive.


The most popular option that we’ve seen with this trend is to add an archway over a path, so you can walk under it as you follow the pathway through the garden. You can pick from all sorts of materials and styles, so if you prefer something more simple and traditional, you can find plenty of iron or wooden options, and for those who want something a bit more extra, you can add some outdoor fairy lights or opt for an arch that incorporates a pattern with some swirls and curves to spice it up.


  1. Build some storage

Adding storage in the garden is a wonderful way to not only make it look better but to increase your value and make the space more desirable. Sheds are a great option, but something similar to an outhouse is also effective, depending on the budget that you’ve got and how you want to utilise the space.

In the last year, we’ve seen a huge growth in the addition of garden offices, converting outside space to provide a place to work. It’s a great way to keep motivation up, as well as offer a split between work and home that a lot of people need to make working from home more manageable – for anyone who’s looking to make improvements and wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” this is a wonderful option. A huge number of buyers are looking for homes that offer office space, so providing this will increase interest and help you be able to achieve your sale more quickly. It will also drive up your property value – a win-win!


There are many options for you when you look to improve your garden, so whatever budget you have to work with, you’ll find some exciting ways to change things up and make the most of your space.

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