The latest gadgets that you might miss to notice that launched recently

TP-Link Deco

Here listing the latest gadgets launched recently to encourage the gadgets enthusiasts.

TP-Link Deco X 68 (AX3600) Home Mesh Router System With Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

TP-Link Deco X68 (AX3600) home mesh router system with tri-band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity support is recently launched. It has an upgraded feature compared to the existing TP-Link Deco X60. It had integrated 5GHz and 2.4GHz with an additional 5GHz band to work as a strong backbone network between Deco units. It is possible to connect 150 devices to the internet with help of TP-Link Deco X68 and it is claimed that the data speed can be reached 3600Mbps.

Its specifications

The TP-Link Deco X68 (AX3600) mesh Wi-Fi router system is a tri-band support router and outputs the Wi-Fi 6 coverage on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. With the help of two Deco units, the mesh system can provide connectivity up to 5,500 square feet. By user three Deco Units users can extend the coverage up to 7000 square feet.

TP-Link learns the network environment through its artificial intelligence-driven mesh technology and provides ideal Wi-Fi connectivity to all the devices at your home. It also featured with HomeShield security services used to protect connected devices from various attacks.

With the merging of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies, the Deco X68 mesh system provides Wi-Fi connectivity in a dense environment having a larger number of devices.

Its speed is the same as the Deco X60 provides which is 3600Mbps. The new model has extended an additional 5GHz band which is used for eliminating weak signal areas by working as the backbone between two Deco units. Each Deco unit is operating by a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and also comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The Deco X68 can also be set up on a home Wi-Fi network like the earlier model using the company-owned app. We can make a wider mesh network by designing the system to work with the existing Deco Models.

Pricing and availability

The TP-Link Deco X68 router system is available at the price of $279.99 and its value in Rupee is Rs. 21000. It will be available for the people of the USA through Amazon soon. But the pricing and availability in India are not yet revealed.

ACT HomeCam Security Camera

ACT HomeCam surveillance CCTV camera is useful for home security purposes are launched in India. It is easy to install, supports Wi-Fi, and is cost-effective. You can get the camera in pairs with the TP-Link Tapo app on the Google Play store that helps the user to see live footage of their home from anywhere. This ACT HomeCam works only with the ACT network. Multiple cameras can be installed across the home and can view all the footage on a single app.

Its feature

ACT Fibernet and TP-link partnership the HomeCam is being launched. It featured with 2-megapixel HD camera that provides 1080p recording, a 110-degree wide-angle view, and a Night Vision Infrared lens which gives a clear view of an object at a distance of 30 feet. It comes with motion detection to alert if there is an unlikely event occurs. It has a microSD card slot to store 128GB of footage for 24 days. Scheduling of recording and playback of video is possible with HomeCam whenever required. And also there is a privacy setting to disable recording if required.

Users can set up multiple camera units around the house and can toggle between the multiple views of live video using the Tapo app. It has a two-way talking feature through the camera. The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) feature of the camera helps the user to pan the camera 360 degrees and tilt the camera lens 110 degrees through the app. The ACT HomeCam with the Tapo app is can be easily connected to the home Wi-Fi and user can watch a live feed from anywhere. It supports only a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the ACT HomeCam is Rs. 2249 without any subscription plan. The camera is also available in the monthly subscription plan. The plan is Rs. 200 per month and an additional Rs. 500 as a security deposit. This device is only available for ACT Fibernet subscribers and that too the official website and app.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Features of speakerphone

It can be used as a portable conference phone or as a speakerphone in a conference room. It has 6 microphones arranged in a 360-degree array. This design helps in picking up voices from all directions and helps in transforming any space into a meeting room instantly.

The PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone improves the voice in real-time and background noises are reduced effectively by using the Custom DSP algorithm. It provides good clarity and volume in the voice. The voice is automatically balanced to make it clear in volume and can adjust the clarity if you are away from the Bluetooth speakerphone. No drivers are needed to connect to the phone or computer; it can be easily connected to the phone through Bluetooth and to your computer using the USB-C cable. The speakerphone is Zoom certified and is compatible with all online conferencing platforms. It is featured with a 6700mAh battery which helps to go wireless and conducting virtual meetings anywhere. Its integrated Anker PowerIQ technology helps you in charging other devices through powerConf.

Alexa with the new feature

Alexa is the virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon, which is capable of voice interaction, playing music, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, news, and other information. It can also control other devices in the home as a home automation system. It is now having a new feature which is the ability to search nearby vaccination sites and helps users to connect with these websites and check for availability and schedule an appointment.

It users can command their voice to know about the vaccine sites. Then it will list out the nearby vaccination sites. It is more helpful for an elderly person. And also user can ask Alexa to make a call and can ask to check the appointment availability. This feature is available in the USA.

Similarly, you can get the list of covid testing centers, and also you can get more details about testing centers.

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