How to Connect and Disconnect Electricity When Moving

How to Connect and Disconnect Electricity When Moving

Moving home comes with a long checklist. But moving utilities demand disconnections and reconnections. Many things can fall aside and wait until you move. However, your utilities and their availability are crucial for a new setup. So make sure you have new and stable electricity and other utilities way before you move in.

Moreover, this process can be annoying if you are satisfied with your current provider. If that’s not the case, it will be overwhelming for you to compare electricity plans and choose a new provider. So, plan the whole moving process. The following points will make it easier for you to understand the moving process:

  1. Disconnecting your previous connection
  2. Sorting out the suspicions (if any)
  3. Apply for a new utility connection timely
  4. Compare all possible options
  5. Choose the best provider in your vicinity

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  • Disconnecting your previous connection:

Once you leave with all your belongings, the power won’t simply go out. Even if you are focused on ensuring the electricity works in your new home, it is equally important to plan when and how to disconnect the electricity in your old home.


The first step is to notify your existing utility provider/s that you will be moving. You’ll receive a final bill and a meter reading once your energy distributor has disconnected your old property. During the next few business days, please ensure that your meter is accessible so that the changeover will proceed.

  • Sorting out the suspicions (if any):

The next thing to remember is that do not push your utility matters to the moving date. As mentioned earlier, notify your current provider two weeks before the moving day so that you may clear your bills with them. If you have any suspicions regarding the accounts, due date, extra charges, sort out those queries before moving out. Also, keep in mind that your old residence must be ready to hand over to the new residents. Plus, make sure to get your security fee before leaving the contract.

  • Apply for a new utility connection timely:

It is the step that ensures that your new property has what keeps running your life. Reconnecting to a stable electricity connection takes time, but it is worth the hassle. The new address would require a recent utility connection, which should not surprise you if you link to the old address.

What To Know About Electricity Connections & Disconnections When Moving | MyConnect

 If you are going with a new provider, be cautious because every company has different policies, so things may differ from the normal process you are used to. When disconnecting or reconnecting, the energy retailer will need to see proof of identification.

  • Compare all possible options:

While you try to disconnect your previous utility connections, compare electricity plans to get the best deals within your budget. Whether you are moving to a rental house or having your property, it is crucial to consider your options. In most cases, it becomes tricky to research and find one utility provider that is reliable and affordable too.

  • Choose the best provider in your vicinity:

After considering all your options in the final stage, it’s time to pick one electricity provider. Many such providers are working efficiently in Australia. That’s why you need Cheapbills to research and compare the best utility options for you. With a bit of assistance, you can select the most reliable electricity suppliers in your new location.  

Summing up:

It is a hassle to connect electricity on your own, so let this post help you in the process. Typically, it’s all about disconnecting the previous one and connecting to the new electricity providers when moving to a new place. So, start by notifying your current utility provider and clear your meter readings and bills with them. Then compare and look for the best electricity provider and deals that fit into your budget and needs.  

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