What Does Authentic Workplace Culture Mean? How Smarter HCM Solutions Could Help in it?

How Smarter HCM Solutions Could Help in it

The term ‘authentic’ has the potential to turn many people towards anything that claims for authenticity and have also justified the same. 


In an enterprise business or an organization, authenticity portraits the same meaning but has different levels of importance in different matters. 


‘Product authenticity’ might be valuable for most of the consumers but there would be many who would purchase it even if the vendor doesn’t assure the product’s authenticity. Local tools that we usually buy from the roadside vendors are the examples of not-so-authentic products. 


Such purchasers might be very few in the count but they do exist. And as far as authentic workplace culture is concerned, hr software solutions are found to have supported the workplace to become authentic by its rapid management abilities.

What Is Authentic WorkPlace Culture?

According to worthy texts and experts also, the workplace culture can be stated as authentic only when the employees trust their senior management or leaders and consider them to be fair with them irrespective of any concern.


Cultural authenticity can be defined only when the environment inside the office is stated as similar as it is claimed by the business owners.


Thus, a workplace culture could be authentic or not is the matter of employees reacting to it when asked about it.

How Can The Workplace Culture Be Authentic?

A tool or a software that could bring transparency in the workplace between employees and senior management helps bring authenticity to the workplace and the culture inside.


HCM solutions are supposed to do exactly the same. 


There happened to be a lot of problems in the workplace like miscommunication, delayed exchange of necessary information and knowledge documents, the sense of distrust in the employees for their senior officials, etc. 


Now, when the hcm solutions are developed, it brings adequate support to exchange necessary information via digital communication, making the work process faster and easier as well as secure through EDI technology.

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, a technology that is used to transact information between two or more distant recipients. The main purpose of using this technology is that it secures the essential information from getting stolen or manipulated.


The most number of users of EDI are in the healthcare industry reportedly. The information exchange required for claiming the health benefits requires rapid and safe exchange. The same requirement causes the most number of frauds as well, as a few people try to claim the benefits even without the required eligibility by manipulating the data.


Therefore, EDI makes sure that the information (data) remains safe and exchanged with utmost credibility.


Other Impacts That HCM Solutions On Workplace Culture

  1. Workforce management
  2. Desirable Employee Benefits Administration
  3. On-time Payroll Services
  4. Easy Talent Management


Smart Workforce Management Through HCM Solution 


When there is no such software, workforce management has to be traditionally done. Senior officials were to decide and personally assign the tasks to each employee individually, which did not go well all the time and sometimes even induced a situation of argument.


Even if it went well, the status of work done by an employee and the overall progress report for the target wasn’t available. 


HCM solutions help in managing the workforce online and keeping the records of every employee’s task and target.


It helps in keeping the silent and calm environment along with the overall transparency within the organization.

Smart Benefits Administration Through HCM Solution

An organization is supposed to provide not only with benefits but also with all the accessibility and the liberty to customize the benefits as per their requirements.


An HCM solution would allow the employees to access and customize the same and would undoubtedly acknowledge the workplace culture. Employees would prefer to choose the organization with an easy claiming and enrolling process for benefits.


A benefits administration software cum hcm solution would indirectly support the overall workplace environment by keeping the employees satisfied because of easy benefits customization.

Prompt Payroll Service With HCM Solution

An HCM solution would allow to create rapid payroll reports and would accommodate in releasing the salaries on time, which would indirectly enhance the employee retaining rate of the organization.


Payroll is something that asks for a number of individuals if the company is big or at least a person even if it is small. 


An online payroll service providing software would help sustain the brand value because on-time salary release is a factor that employees seek for and always appreciate.


It is observed that more than 50 percent of the employees would be ready to be in a company with a lesser salary but on time releasing process.

Talent Management and Easy Sourcing

When talent acquisition was done traditionally, the sourcing of new talents was a matter of local advertisements and acquaintance. But now, an online talent management solution would find our talents from available databases and can bring a candidate from any point of the globe.


Sourcing as well as the entire recruitment process has changed and even the new employees trust an organization more when they are approached in a complete digitized process.


From receiving the welcome alert as well as the entire recruitment process including face to face interview, telephonic round, and training program details on mobile through push notification, it creates an authentic image which lasts forever in the heads of every employee.


Therefore, it can be concluded that an HCM solution could help an organization in bringing authenticity to the workplace as well as in its employees mind for itself.


However, the process of building a workplace culture takes time first. Bringing authenticity to it is another aspect. Yet it is suggestive to work on such factors which could keep the brand value unhindered and can set a benchmark on every new or experienced employee.


Authenticity is not a one day cricket match, but it is a long running tournament which lasts forever if manages to set even some records meanwhile the session.


Make sure to have an intelligent HCM solution because there are many in the market and not every of them would be serving all-in-one support including payroll, compliance, talent management, succession planning, workforce management, benefits administration and other HR practices on a single platform.

Author’s bio: Scarlett is an adept content writer and is associated with AccomplishEP from the beginning. She has worked with EDI solution providers and is often found struggling with some unique topics like online payroll services, HR analytics tools, and Insurance management for her upcoming projects. She participates also in the discussions over the information exchange and the technologies in-trend around it. When not working on any of her writing projects, she is either reading any of the Agatha Christie mysteries or busy gardening.

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