PDFelement, solution to frequent problems with PDF

PDF is a file format that is the answer to many needs by office workers as well as anyone who is involved in the world of education. With PDF, you can load multiple pages without consuming a lot of data. Not only that, the appearance of this format is also very neat, perfect for creating working documents. 

Working with PDF files should be simple

Although PDF files are becoming more and more popular for collaboration and work on the Internet, they are still difficult to work with. Due to incompatibility, update, and forms issues. PDFelement, proposed by Wondershare Technology company, a global leader in software application development, argues that interactions with technology should be simple. 

What is PDFelement?

PDFelement is PDF management and editing software for Windows and Mac, built by a community based on innovative thinking and creative solutions. It is an open proposal that has users in more than 150 countries, as it is committed to providing software that simplifies people’s lives. Wondershare has extensive experience in the market, despite having only a few years competing. The success of its simple-to-use proposals for video editing and smart home security give the company the strength to make working with PDF more efficient. 

OCR technology

In this way, PDFelement allows you to convert a scanned PDF to text, so that you do not have to copy yourself word for word to get the content. This is one of the most efficient ways to take advantage of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the most accurate technology for recognizing text in image-based scanned PDF files. The scanned PDF file can be converted to text on Mac and Windows, easily and in just a few steps.

PDFelement can easily convert PDF files

But that is not all. It also allows you to edit the text and transform it back into a PDF file with a design, very useful when you need to modify a proposal, presentation or report on the spot. Also, PDFelement is a professional PDF file converter, which allows users to convert PDF files to text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff), Epub, HTML and RTF, among others. The OCR function even converts images into editable formats, being a complete editor for PDF files; you can edit, convert, create, highlight and annotate PDF files.

Editing your PDF files is very easy thanks to PDFelement

When editing an already created PDF file, it is only necessary to select the “edit” tool and make the necessary modifications. Edited text and font automatically correspond to the original file. So it is possible to keep or change the font color, size, content, adjust the alignment spacing throughout the text edit mode and even change the font entirely. It also includes the function to edit images in an existing file, in order to adjust the size of the image or do whatever you want by just clicking with the right button on it. Likewise, new images can be added to any space in the PDF file. With this software, you can even remove comments from your file.

Open, modify, fill PDF formats online

It should be noted that one of the most important problems faced by the user, and to which PDFelement offers a solution, is the handling of forms on the Internet. Well, most of the time, these are not recognized by the browser. Then the plug-ins must be updated or must be downloaded to the computer. PDFelement allows, through simple steps, to open, modify and fill PDF formats online to collaborate and improve productivity in an easy way. But PDFelement solves the problem: it automatically detects whether a PDF form is interactive or not. If interactive, editable fields appear in the file. To edit a blank form, you only need to click on “File” and then “New” and select “blank” to open a new blank document.

How to edit a text area in a PDF form with PDFelement

Finally, to edit a text area in a PDF form, select “Forms” and click on “Edit form”. Then “Add text”, go to the text field to open a window with text properties, and customize the size and font color of the fields, using the “Appearance” tab. To edit a list of options, checkboxes and radio buttons, “checkbox” is selected and added. It is given the properties and the required appearance, with the tools to customize the font and the color to be used.

It is worth mentioning that PDFelement simultaneously converts multiple PDF documents, as it offers several annotation tools to use collaboratively, as well as to protect PDF files with passwords and watermarks. Undoubtedly, it is a very attractive productivity solution, both for the organization market and for professionals. You can try the free trial but if you already feel that this is the final solution for your PDF files, you can subscribe. By clicking on this page you will find out details about the latest discounts. Hopefully this article was useful for you. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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