Union Public Services Examination is one of the prestigious examinations for recruitment of IAS, IPS, IFS, Group A, Group B, and Group C officers to lead the various departmental administration of the Government of India. The Examination has 3 rounds namely, a Preliminary Exam (Objective Type), Mains(Descriptive type), an Interview (Face-to-Face) followed by document verifications and professional training as the upcoming stages of recruitment.

Usually, this prestigious exam is considered unpredictable and often gives a reflection of extreme difficulty to almost 90% of the aspiring candidates, but the truth when dug deep is, you need to have perfect clarity and high class mentoring, meaning the mentoring you get for preparing must have the best expertise in the field and not just fancy classrooms and readily available notes.

Talking about mentoring, for one of the toughest exams in India, you will need to join a coaching centre according to the tradition, it is obvious that all coaching centres produce officers of the categories. But, there are a few coaching centres in Hyderabad which are producing a good percentage of results in the past decade. If you are a person looking for a coaching centre in Hyderabad then this blog is definitely for you. Let’s get into the mainstream now:

  1. AKS IAS Academy:

        With the acronym “Advanced Knowledge Systems” the coaching centre provides coaching for various competitive exams. Though it provides varied coaching for numerous exams, it is well known for its UPSC CSE coaching in the whole of Hyderabad due to its wonderful environment for the budding officers to prepare. 

         Providing an alignment with the requirements of the aspirants, the centre provides both online and classroom training programs. Not only that the institute provides free study materials, books, a separate app to all the aspirants where they can make the best use of it. The UPSC coaching happens in both “English” and “Telugu” Medium. The academy readily offers Prelims and Mains coaching for a strong period of two years to make the aspirants’ preparation stronger when compared to the rest of the institutes.

        The fees of UPSC coaching centres all over the country usually charge in lakhs, and this academy is the same but proves the worth of every penny, do you know why? 

       With the full-fledged service oriented goal of the institute, it offers free study materials crafted by the best mentors from all over the country. The academy with its wide wings of service extends its services to every aspirant in the country who is willing to take the Civil services exam. The effective classroom programs and the best mentors of the academy have created many successful bureaucrats for the nation. If you are looking forward to a wide range of learning with an exclusive mentorship, you can opt in for AKS IAS Academy to mark a separate place for you in the Indian Government.


  1. Analog IAS Academy:

                        Mr. Srikanth Vinnakota the director of the institute was himself an IAS aspirant with Mathematics and Physics as his optional subjects and was qualified for interview three times in a row. In the dream of producing the best civil servants for the country, he started this academy in the year 2002, and in the year 2006 he produced an All India Rank 1 student “Revu Muthyala Raju”. The academy offers a prelims cum mains course for a rate of Rs.1,30,000. One notable feature of the academy is the coaching provided for “Telugu Literature”, candidates who are choosing Telugu literature as their mains optional can confidently enroll themselves to the course, the cost is Rs.40,000. It has other optional subjects like Mathematics, Anthropology, Geography, Public Administration, and sociology.

  1. Brain Tree IAS Academy:


Founded in 1991, the academy provides three different types of classes with one common aim of producing the most capable administrators for the country. The institute offers a weekly program starting from Monday to Friday, if you are preparing full time (Fee = Rs.1,18,000) for the civil services this is strongly recommended. If you are office- goers there is a separate program crafted with utmost carefulness “The Weekend Program”, the academy offers this coaching to weekend aspirants at the rate of 8hrs/day. If you are looking for the best current affairs materials, you can make use of their current affairs section on their website which is recommended by many successful aspirants like Ms. Smita Sabarwal IAS (AIR 4). The institute also offers “Personality Training” for the aspirants preparing for the final interview. The academy also provides coaching for optional subjects like Anthropology and Public administration at a fee of Rs.35,000 per subject.

  1. R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle:

                   Mr. R.C. Reddy established the coaching centre in the year 1988, with the sole aim of producing administrative worthy candidates for the country. With his 43 years of expertise in the field, the coaching centre has produced vibrant results in Hyderabad for the last few decades. The coaching centre offers two kinds of plans for aspirants, (a) Prelims cum Mains without optional (Rs.1,11,000/-) (b) Prelims cum Mains with optional(Rs.1,46,000). If you are selecting “Anthropology” as an optional, then this institute is highly recommended for you.

  1. The IAS Mentors:

              As the name suggests “The IAS Mentors” is one of the main modernized UPSC & IAS coaching centre in Hyderabad, they almost provide all study materials on their website, which include notes for current affairs and a daily quiz section which tunes the clarity of current affairs consumed by aspirants. The premier institute offers Prelims cum Mains coaching at a fee of Rs.1,20,000. Separate coaching for Prelims (Rs.70,000) and Mains(Rs.50,000) is provided here. This institute is considered one of the main cost-efficient and productive institutes by many achievers and senior aspirants.

  1. Plutus IAS Academy:

            Plutus IAS academy has been giving wonderful officers to India for the past two decades; the academy has a one-year program (Rs.1,40,000 + GST), a two-year program(Rs.2,00,000 + GST), even a three-year program (Rs.3,00,000 + GST) if you are looking for a slow and steady preparation. The outstanding feature of Plutus is the coaching given for the most demanded optional subjects(Rs.40,000 + GST). Winning aspirants like Kanish Kataria, Akshat Jain have recommended plutus especially for the optional subjects which helped them score the most. Moreover, the study centre has a separate class for CSAT alone and stand-alone prelims and mains course too. 

  • Vali Rameshwar’s IAS Academy:

         Founded in the year of 2003, the academy is successful in achieving its goal of producing successful candidates in the UPSC CSE. The coaching institute offers prelims coaching, prelims cum mains coaching as well as optional paper coaching. Political science is the only subject available as an optional paper in this institute. The prelims coaching has a period of 6 months, whereas prelims cum mains coaching has a period of 12-14 months. Senior aspirants recommend that if you have already done previous preparation you can opt this institute to brush up everything within a short period of time with an effective test series pattern provided by the institute.


  1. Pragnya IAS Academy:

            Established in the year 2010, the academy offers “Inter with IAS” and “College with IAS” programs, rightly shaping the future administrators. With its structured study plan and coaching plan, the academy offers a wide range of optional subjects. It offers regular prelims cum mains coaching as well as optional coaching too. If you are looking out for coaching a separate subject then this academy will be the right option to enrol in. Current affairs are readily made available on the website for general use. If you are looking forward to revising the monthly current affairs you can make use of their current affairs resources which is highly recommended by successful candidates.


  1. SR Sankaran IAS Academy:

      The academy provides top-notch facilities for aspirants ranging from digital resources to printed resources. The academy provides both online and classroom programs. Just like the rest, the academy offers both prelims and mains coaching programs respectively. The academy offers its students a 24/7 wifi facility making them readily go through relevant information on the internet and look for updates in their notes. The fee structure for the prelims cum mains program is Rs.2,00,000/- only.


  1. Target IAS Institute:

                        If you are looking for various scholarship offers, then this institute is for you. Not only the scholarships, but the institute also offers a variety of coaching in subjects that come under UPSC CSE. It has almost all the optional subjects mentoring except for Language-based optional subjects except “Telugu Literature”. The institute provides counselling in subjects like anthropology and top gear coaching when it comes to CSAT and geography classes. 


These are the top 10 IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad that contain a mix of a good experience as well as a modern system of education that is most required in this pandemic situation. Apart from the services offered from the coaching centre’s side, numerous test series across various institutes are required for success in this examination. Clearing the UPSC CSE is like a meditation activity one has to be calm and patient to awake the kundalini inside one’s body which awakens the utmost capacity of administration which decides the posting an aspirant is worth for. All the best for this wonderful journey. With immense information given about institutes in Hyderabad select the one which matches your time and budget.


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