Wear Imus total assets and compensation: Wear Imus was an American radio personality, essayist, picture taker and humanitarian who had total assets of $75 million at the hour of his demise. Wear Imus was an installation of New York and public radio from 1977 to 2018. Sadly Wear Imus passed on December 27, 2019 at 79 years old. 

Net worth

$75 Million

Early Life: 

He was conceived John Donald Imus, Jr. in Riverside and California on July 23, 1940. His family was rich. His family possessed a rewarding 35,000-section of land farm in Arizona called The Willows. He had a more youthful sibling named Fred Imus (1942 – 2011) who might later be a character on Wear’s public broadcast. 

US Marine Corps

Wear exited secondary school in 1957 and joined the US Marine Corps. He served for quite a long while without conveying abroad and at last left with a good release. In the wake of leaving the Marines he moved to San Bernadino, California where he found a new line of work as a window dresser. In the wake of getting terminated he moved to Hollywood to seek after a profession as a lyricist with more youthful sibling Fred. They were not effective and at one point destitute, resting in the city. He needed to catch a ride back to Arizona where he found a new line of work as a brakeman on a railroad and as an excavator. 

Martin School of Radio

In 1966 Wear enlisted at the Wear Martin School of Radio and TV Expressions and Sciences back in Hollywood. He before long won an ability challenge at Johnny Otis’ club and afterward at last started filling in as artist lyricist. 


In 1968 he began as a radio plate jockey in Palmdale, California. He was terminated from a station in Stockton, California after a brief period and afterward moved to KXOA in Sacramento. Here he got popular for trick considering a nearby McDonald’s and persuading them to convey 1,200 burgers to a neighborhood Public Gatekeeper unit. 

Around this time he additionally started performing standup parody and could order as much as $10,000 for a solitary show. Likewise during this time he was battling extraordinarily with liquor and medications which made him miss 100 days of work in 1973. During his rest WNBC reformatted and Imus had to move back to Cleveland where he worked evenings. 

From 2007 to 2018 his show broadcasted on WABC through Cumulus Media. At the pinnacle of his profession, with all wellsprings of partnership pay, Wear Imus’ compensation effortlessly beat $20 million. He ventured down from the show in 2018, around a year prior to his agreement was fulfilled and his arranged retirement, as Cumulus was exploring Part 11 insolvency. He was supposedly asked to ventured down and concurred in light of the fact that he thought Cumulus’ expectations were acceptable. He additionally liberally covered the compensations of his staff during that time until the agreement would have terminated. 


During his profession, Imus raised and gave countless dollars to different causes. He practically single-oppressively raised more than $60 million for a Texas recovery office for injured veterans. 

Individual Life: 

In 2009 Imus was determined to have stage 2 Prostate diseases. He passed on December 27, 2019 at 79 years old. He was enduring Deirdre Coleman, his better half since 1994, and six youngsters. 


Throughout the span of his life, Wear Imus procured various exceptionally significant properties around the country. In 1997, he burned through $4.6 million for a four-section of land oceanfront home in Westport, Connecticut. He sold this house in 2013 for $14.4 million, a record for the space. 

In 2016 he recorded his long-lasting Manhattan penthouse for $17 million. For $19 million, a purchaser could likewise possess a more modest visitor loft in a similar structure. He ultimately discovered a purchaser for the penthouse for $11 million.

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