3 Key Things to Consider on Buying an Outdoor Table Cover

Outdoor furniture covers are important to protect your valuable investment. Without good covers, your furniture will deteriorate in its value and performance much faster. At some point in time, the summer and winter seasons may have an adverse impact on your furniture and cause damage to it. With this, you may not get the full return on your investment on it and have to throw it away ultimately into the dump yard.

Just like any other outdoor furniture, you need to take good care of outdoor tables as well. Usually, people tend to get covers for their club chairs and recliners extra but largely avoid the need to safeguard the tables. However, similar to your chairs and couches, tables also require good protection to get their life extended. So, it is crucial to get a good outdoor table cover to ensure optimum protection.


Some key factors to consider while buying outdoor table cover

  • Dimensions

The first and foremost consideration is to buy a good patio table or outdoor table cover in its dimensions.Some people may not check it when buying covers to identify only later that the cover they bought is either loose fitting or too tight to cover the furniture in full. Most of the time, the manufacturers may makecustom-made covers specifically for their furniture. If your table set is from a branded provider, you can easily find custom-made covers for the same. It is better to avoid the one-size-fits-all types of table covers as it may be causing only more trouble to you.

  • Waterproof covers

Most of the time, the manufacturers may claim their covers to be waterproof, but all of them are not fully capable of withstanding water seepage. These may protect the furniture from a drizzle, but they may fail to block water seepage into the cover when it comes to heavy rains. You should look for vinyl or PVC materials to allow water to roll off the cover like beads. Waterproof covers will ensure protection for the furniture from other harms as dust and moisture etc. too. Also, be careful about moisture trapping inside the table cover, which may lead to fungi and mold growth, which will expedite the damages to your furniture.

  • Breathable design

The material you may consider as a table cover should also be breathable to allow air circulation through the cover. This will help to eradicate the accumulation of moisture inside the cover. If moisture accumulates, it will cause condensation and further damage the furniture material. You should also learn about how to remove mold or fungi formation to ensure a longer life. Some companies advertise their cover materials to be breathable, but the problem is that these may also let the water pass through the vents. So, while considering breathable material, you need to also ensure that the table cover you choose is fully waterproof.


Considering the above factors, if you do an online search for table covers, one may come across hundreds of options. If you have your budget considerations in mind, you can do the filtering according to the products’ cost and find the best ones matching your budget.

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