Photos capture what your eyes can’t, expounds Qader Nazari

Photography is an art, that has established its dominance, and over the years has evolved as a profession, to be appreciated by connoisseurs of art. Photos not only capture the moment but also encapsulate the emotions and the nostalgia of the moment.

Qader Nazari, with 6+ years of experience, is one such young and venerated photographer, who has procured immensely at the mere age of 25. A skillset that is unparalleled and par excellent, with imagination and creativity, he has generated art pieces that have acquired global recognition.

A master of photography, and a PPA certification, with multitudinous awards comprising silver medalist photographer of the year, and a certified professional photographer competition award, his detailed productions and prints have been handpicked for international exhibitions.

Qader has been always the one to visualize everything with a newfound perspective, A strong team player, with over-the-top technical skills and foresight, Qader has been regarded as a globally recognized photographer with a talent to produce some really great captivating clicks. A blogger as well, we wish him to rise to new heights and gather colossal fame.

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