Want A Tech Job? Try These Top 8 In-Demand Cyber security Careers

cyber security

Cybersecurity experts are needed in every company today, no matter the size. It’s estimated that cyber attacks will cause an astounding $6 trillion of damage worldwide in 2021. As every organization is battling cyber attackers daily, the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals is soaring. 


If tech jobs are in your wheelhouse, consider the eight in-demand cybersecurity careers below. 


Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is a certified cybersecurity professional who the company licenses to attack their security systems and pinpoint vulnerabilities. These workers also are referred to as white hat hackers. 


Ethical hackers use the same methods as black hat hackers to find system weaknesses. Once they find the weak spots, other cybersecurity workers create a patch to fix the flat. These good hackers also perform risk assessments for the entire security infrastructure as needed. 

You can get started in this career by earning your Certified Ethical Hacker Master credential. 


Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are in charge of watching for possible security breaches in an organization. They create complex security measures that are made to safeguard the IT infrastructure of the company from cyberattacks. 

These cybersecurity excerpts also ensure all software installed on company systems is updated. They also may work with employees, so they understand new hardware and applications. 


Digital Forensic Analyst

A digital forensic analyst retrieved digital data from assorted assets that were used to conduct a cyberattack. They may partner with law enforcement to find evidence that can be used to track down malicious actors. These highly trained cybersecurity professionals also recover damaged files, analyze data related to the crime, and look for data trails. 

Forensic analysts also maintain a record of every investigation to track the cybercriminals. 


Penetration Tester

In penetration testing, the employee takes an aggressive and proactive approach to check its IT systems. They attack the current system to find any flaws and provide recommendations to fix them. 

Penetration testers use various methodologies, such as network penetration testing, database penetration testing, and social engineering penetration testing to find the cause that criminals can attack. 


Security Software Developer

These cybersecurity professionals create secure software by creating robust security practices that they weave into the development and design of the software. Their responsibilities depend on the size and requirements of the company. 

For example, security software developers can oversee a group of software developers, devise a software-based security strategy, and more. 


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This is a senior-level cybersecurity professional who is in charge of information security and data of a company. This role has grown in the last 10 years, and the CISO works with upper-level management to create effective cybersecurity procedures and solutions that help to thwart cyberattacks. 


Network Engineer

Skill and passion in this field can lead to an outstanding career in security architecture. A network engineer designs and builds networks, executes network security protocols and ensures that network security is as robust as possible. Also, they create systems that fight malware and cyberattacks. 

Incident Handler

These cybersecurity workers have training to watch networks and systems for security breaches. They also check for possible vulnerabilities to avoid cyberattacks before they happen. Incident handlers are usually the first responders when an attack occurs.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for cybersecurity professionals will soar by 30% by 2029. Getting training and experience in cybersecurity professions will ensure you can always find exciting work at an attractive salary.

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