Foods to Avoid Due to Carcinogenic Connections

In our modern lives, we use a variety of chemicals to preserve, season, and color our food. Whether these chemicals are good for you or not can change as more information becomes available.

If you’ve followed cable news in recent years, you may have heard some sensationalist news that one food item or another is bad for you.

However, as cancer research experts at Odonate suggest, you should take those reports with a grain of salt. Most research suggests that there may be a link between a chemical and an increased likelihood of developing a type of cancer, instead of outright claiming that the particular chemical causes cancer.

When it comes to food items, we need to look at all the facts and the collected knowledge we have to give recommendations, rather than pass judgment.

Processed Meat

Processed meat is one group of foods that have been researched extensively and has been linked really strongly to a variety of cancers, primarily cancers of the gastrointestinal tract – stomach and colorectal cancers.

The chemicals used to preserve, season, and cure these food items are known as class 1 carcinogens, which puts them pretty high up in the list of chemicals we know bring high risk of cancer, not to mention a variety of other illnesses. This is one food group you should probably cut out of your life completely.

Red Meat

One of the biggest sensationalist news in recent years has been that red meat causes cancer. However, once you peer behind the huge headline, you will discover that there are a variety of studies that offer different results based on the parameters and the types of meat that were tested.

Red meat is classified as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans by most studies, but the amount of meat eaten, as well as the manner of preparation, are also important factors. Try limiting your intake of red meat and avoid charring the meat, as that might create additional harmful chemicals.


Even though not a food item per se, alcohol has been a staple of our diet for a long time and has been integrated into the cultures, religions, and customs of many people. However, as we develop better medical technologies, we discover new things about alcohol.

Research has shown that alcohol intake can lead to an increased likelihood of contracting cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, including mouth, esophagus, liver, stomach, and even breast cancer.

Keep in mind, though, that the risk of cancer linked to alcohol is also dose-dependent, meaning that having a drink every once in a while, your risk of cancer doesn’t increase by much. In fact, the benefits of red wine and some other types of alcoholic drinks can actually outweigh the negative aspects.

Once again, the risk involved in light alcohol consumption is low. You should still exercise caution and moderation.

Fast Food and Sugary Sodas

Not all food types cause cancer directly through chemicals you find in them. Some foods can cause different illnesses which may lead to increased chances of developing cancer.

Obesity is one such condition – it is linked to a myriad of different health complications which can, in turn, lead to cancer.

That means that overly fatty and sugary foods like fast food and non-diet sodas are indirectly responsible for the increased risk of cancer, among other serious health complications like diabetes, heart disease, and others.

In a world which is filled with potentially carcinogenic substances, some of which we cannot affect, each one of us should take steps to limit those factors we are able to control – our diet may be one of them.`


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