How to Get Hands on the Optimum Tasting Bottled Water?

Rain is the initiator of the best water. However, one of the bases to keeping that impeccable and natural taste is packaging the water in the bottle that is close to the natural source as much as possible. When the water reaches the groundwater, it can be mixed with many pollutants and toxic substances, most of which municipal water company cannot remove efficiently from the said water that will reach our taps eventually. Some of the other agents are added by municipal water companies as well such as disinfecting agents, fluoridating agents, some enduring medicines, and so on.

Some of the companies sell bottled water that is simply treated water from well, spring water, or municipal water from a site that may or may not be responsible for the healthy naturally optimum water. Many bottled water brands use these tactics and may not provide you with the purest water.

What factors make best-tasting bottled water?

The level of electrolytes and minerals is one of the factors that affect the taste of the water. For healthy body activities, balanced electrolytes play a vital role. Several people don’t bother about their body electrolytes except for sodium in their drinking water and when tested, the water has very low levels of electrolytes. The naturally occurring dissolved solid particles in our water, minerals like:

  • Sodium

The most common electrolyte is sodium which is taking adequately by most of the people around. Sodium plays a role in pushing the water inside our cells so plays an important part at the cellular level. Headaches, mood changes, fatigue, and confusion can be caused by low levels of sodium.

  • Chloride

If you have experienced stomach issues that cause vomiting or diarrheal condition then you might have low chloride levels. Another cause of low levels of chloride or hypochloremia is diuretic medicines.

  • Potassium

The body stores its energy in the form of glycogen can be affected by potassium levels. Arrhythmias crams, and muscle issues can be caused by low levels of potassium.

  • Calcium

Acute Low levels of calcium cannot be noticeable while chronic low levels cause many problems like skin, nails, hair, and cataracts. In addition to the low levels, rapid replacement of calcium can also cause ailments like vomiting, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

  • Magnesium

Symptoms associated with the low levels of magnesium are quite similar to those of calcium and potassium. Cardiac issues can result from extremely low levels of magnesium.

  • Phosphorus

Several issues like muscular feebleness, breathing problems, cardiac issues, tremors, and even coma resulted from the low levels of phosphorus.

The best-bottled water will have a balanced amount of all the essential electrolytes. It is harvested from a natural source i.e. clouds so they are alkaline.

Harvesting the optimum tasting bottled water

The clouds are the production house of the best-bottled water which is collected directly from the source before hitting the ground. The collected water is then passed through UV light to ensure that water is free from any biological pollutant.

Afterward, complicated purification and oxidation process is carried out on best tasting water that guarantees the purity and sustainability of the drinking water that is available in the market.

Once it’s collected, the unadulterated cloud-sourced rainwater is bottled in highly biodegradable aluminum bottles. This helps to keep the plastic out of the landfills and the oceans.

How to get the optimum tasting of bottled water?

Nature is the ultimate best source of water so whenever you want to get the best tasting water bottle go for the natural source. To have the best water for yourself gets your hands on the bottled water of the company that gets it from natural sources and packaged in biodegradable aluminum bottles.

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