Fixing and Repairing Your Los Angeles Air Duct and Cooling Units

Air ducts are often one of the most overlooked components in the home because they are not visible from the rooms. You can read more about ducts on this site here. However, this is one of the most important elements in the home’s HVAC system because this is responsible for ushering out the hot air, and issues can arise if they are neglected for months.

Many issues of HVAC can even be attributed to faulty ducts. If you think that your AC is not blowing out enough cool air during summer, it’s best to get a professional to check the problems. Some of the reasons why you may need to contact a pro in Los Angeles are the following:

  1. Compromised or Flawed Design

The design for the ductwork should be efficient, and the air should be properly moving. The loss should be minimized as much as possible, and some of the factors that are required are:

  • Minimizing turns and twists
  • There should be the least amount of ground covered
  • Maximize straighter lines

The qualified technicians have studied for years to know these principles, and they understand the complications that may arise because of the installation. The serving Los Angeles can do renovations, construction, changes, and maintenance. If amateurs are the ones who are going to do this, they may not do things right the first time.

  1. Possibility of Leaks

Even if the designs were built correctly, there are still chances that the ductwork can deteriorate and leaks can appear over the years. This can lead to further damages, and the cooling units and pipes won’t reach their targeted life spans.

As the air is channeled inside the home, the constant flow can take its toll on the connecting pipes. There is also debris that can dislodge, or the sealants got corrupted. The connections may be interrupted, and the indoor air quality inside the home can vary. In one room, the temperature may be hotter, and in the other, it’s fluctuating, which can affect the occupants’ overall comfort.

  1. Not Enough Insulation

Kinks and leaks are not only issues with efficient airflow. One of the main goals of the duct is to transport the air that has a specific temperature. The cooling systems ensure the home’s comfort by pumping cold air inside the house during summers, and this is the same when winter comes in Los Angeles. This is why enough insulation is essential for the ducts to function correctly.

However, this important factor may be overlooked, and most of the time, the pipes don’t have enough insulation. As a result, the appliances may need to work harder, and they can encounter several issues and deteriorate over time. Also, with holes present, there’s the possibility of infestation like rats and other insects finding their way in.

  1. Accumulation of Dirt



Another thing that can impact the HVAC system is the accumulation of dirt. Many particles like dust, mold, and bacteria find their way into the cooling systems themselves and the ducts. For every square inch of space, the germs get inside, especially if the home and the appliances don’t get thorough cleanings every quarter of the year.

Since the ducts perform double duties of transferring air from the inside and outside of the home, they can also get contaminants in the process. In time, the dirt can accumulate, which can affect the system’s efficiency and damage the ducts in the process.

The build-up of dirt for a long time can contribute to wear and tear, and you may need experts to do the job for you. Regular maintenance and cleaning by experts in LA are something that you should always consider.

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