Advantages Any Business Can Enjoy From using CRM Hubspot

Any business with multiple customers – which accounts for pretty much all of them – can benefit from the use of a customer relationship manager (CRM). However, if you already have one and you want to enjoy next-level advantages, it’s worth considering integrating CRM Hubspot services into yours.

Hubspot allows for Salesforce native integration and their CRM Hubspot service actually comes free of charge. What that means is if you’ve been using Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite for years, it’s possible to get a custom integration performed to meet your precise marketing and sales requirements.

Whichever way it’s sliced, integrating your CRM with Hubspot allows you to improve your customer interactions. So, to provide a little more clarity on the subject, we look at a few of the extra advantages that you may or may not be aware of.

CRM Hubspot Helps to Nurture Leads

When you have a Hubspot’s CRM working hard for you, it permits you to create stronger relationships and really nurture the leads that come through. That’s because it delivers lots of useful data that greatly reduces the amount of customers you lose during the journey – meaning more profit.

The great thing about CRM Hubspot integrations is that they make the process super-easy and the details of any leads you get are held safe and sound until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Part of this nurturing is done through education.

Empowering Potential Customers to Take the Plunge

When you provide leads with the information they need, you educate them about how you operate and how it is you’re going to meet their requirements. Rather than being cautious about making a buying decision, an informed lead is a more confident lead and that much more likely to buy from you.

Not only that, but leads that have been nurtured and educated tend to understand the products and services you offer better, meaning that they often buy more than they otherwise would. It’s also something of a double-edged sword too, as the bump in sales you get is often accompanied by a reduced marketing cost.

Automated Prioritization & Scoring of Leads

Another way in which CRM Hubspot integration can help your customers through the journey to making a purchase is by automatically letting your sales department know when leads get warmer and closer to buying. It does so through a process of scoring leads which is determined by their online behaviour.

The behaviour we’re talking about covers the entire time your customer spends engaging with the content you put out and any touch points on your website. This includes things like the links they click with each piece of activity being given a score. As soon as enough points have been accumulated, that lead gets automatically entered into the CRM and a sales team member earmarked.

Reduce the Overall Time a Sales Cycle Takes

One thing that has happened in business over recent years is that more stakeholders are involved in buying decisions, with the overall time a sale takes increasing by as much as 25% during this time. Further complicating the matter and extending this period is the step of getting the lead moved to sales prior to the purchase getting made.

Integrating with Hubspot makes the whole thing quicker and the result is leads that are ready to rock and roll. It’s just a better, more slick process from start to finish.

CRM Hubspot – Supporting All of Your Marketing Efforts

Attracting customers in the first place can be tough enough, but then there’s the job of bringing them all through the buying journey and converting them at the end. An awful lot can go wrong during that process if you take a wrong turn.

As we’ve covered here though, there is help on hand and it comes in the form of Hubspot’s CRM that has way more features than we’ve mentioned here.

We’ll leave you with a thought. If you’re struggling with sales, it can seem like everything you’re doing is wrong from advertising to product delivery. However, it could just be that your buying journey isn’t optimized and that fixing it is the answer.

Take a look at what we’ve spoken here for yourself and you’ll soon see that there might just be another way.

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