Sectors which attract manufacturers to Queretaro

Even though Queretaro is small in size, it has shown giant growth when you talk about manufacturing. In the year 2018, it marked a GDP of $21.7 billion USD. This is why a lot of manufacturers are shifting and developing in Queretaro. It offers centralized location, bigger regional workforce, remarkable quality of life, better economic growth and higher connectivity assistance to foreign investors.

Who is growing into Queretaro?

Because of the old history of manufacturing in Queretaro, a lot of manufacturers have turned towards it. Several companies have announced their launches here. Pollmann International declared to set up manufacturing facility here for BMW and Daimler door locking system. Ingredion Inc., a US manufacturing company of sweeteners established a plant in Queretaro for better sales across America. Visteon has set up Queretaro Technical Center to train engineers for development of electronic devices for OEMs of automotive.

Major sectors being developed here

The industrial property Queretaro works like a base for the major manufacturers to set up their facility. The top industries in the list are food production, home appliances, aerospace, automotive and plastics.

Aerospace: The state is a pioneer in the manufacturing of aerospace which was half of the foreign direct investment in 2018. In the present situation, Queretaro aerospace group includes two OEMs, several spare part suppliers, 26 Tier 1 and 2 suppliers and more offering 9500 job opportunities of around in the region. The place is known to develop structural aircraft parts, electronic harnesses, flight controls etc. from companies like Safran, Eurocopter, Bombardier etc.

Automotive: Though the place is famous for aerospace innovation, but what automotive production is the backbone of the area. It is a gigantic sector offering over 70,000 job opportunities in the area. It houses seven automotive OEMs, 104 Tier 1 suppliers, more than 200 Tier 2 suppliers and more. The major companies are Magna, TRW, and Michelin etc.

Home appliances: The state has shown phenomenal increase in the manufacturing of home appliances and is responsible for more than 13% of the home appliance production in Mexico. Four OEMs and over 70 suppliers offering over 15000 job opportunities are available across the state. Major companies with facilities are Siemens, Samsung and Mabe.

Food manufacturing: Food manufacturing was calculated at $1.3 billion in exports in Queretaro in 2016. Some of the brands operating here are Nestle, Coca Cola, Gerber, Mars and Campbellā€™s.

Plastic production: plastic forms to be the 5th most productive industry in Queretaro. It is a major contributor to other industries such as food manufacturing package, home appliances and other sectors. The major plastic manufacturers of the region are Mitchell Plastics, GW Plastics and Adapt.

The state government has made phenomenal investments in the local infrastructure to support the developing production sector. It comprises of a sturdy transportation network, online connectivity and logical assistance.

So, if you are ready to manufacture in Queretaro or wish to expand your operations and make good profits with manufacturing here, then you can definitely move here. For any further support, you can contact us at

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