How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist for Your Smile Makeover

Are you interested in a smile makeover? Have you ever tried some home treatments to improve the look of your teeth? If your teeth are still discolored and chipped, the wisest decision would be to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. 

These specialists are experts at providing smile transformations by performing a myriad of procedures, such as bonding, installation of dental veneers, crowns, and implants, inlays/outlays, teeth-whitening treatments, etc

When looking for a smile makeover in Melbourne, find an expert in porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, Invisalign, and teeth whitening. 

The following tips will help you select the best cosmetic dentist.

Learn about cosmetic dentistry techniques

In order to achieve the desired smile makeover, individuals should get familiar with the assortment of techniques. For example, bonding is a suitable technique for everyone who wishes to have the space between his/her teeth filled in with resin. Since the color of the resin is easily adapted to the shade of patients’ teeth, the procedure not only gets the chips filled but also covers discolorations. 

In case you are looking for a more long-lasting alternative, veneers are considered a better alternative when compared to bonding. These porcelain covers provide one of the best smile makeovers, as they adapt to the shape and shade of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists customize the veneers in a lab after taking an impression of each tooth. This solution is doubtlessly the right decision for patients with discolored, misshaped, and badly chipped teeth. 

Crowns, on the other hand, aren’t only used for the purpose of cosmetic improvement but for tooth restoration as well. This technique is recommended to patients with broken teeth, as well as those who underwent root canal treatment.  In case the affected tooth cannot be saved, it can be replaced with an implant. The implant has to be united with the jawbone, which requires a surgical procedure. Once the implant is installed, a crown is placed on top of it in order for the tooth to look natural. 

Moreover, inlays and outlays are an indirect dental restoration method, made with composite materials. In order for a cosmetic dentist to insert such a filling in your mouth, it has to be made in a laboratory first. The purpose of this technique is to provide a smile makeover by repairing structural damage and treating tooth decay. See this page to check out the difference between inlays and outlays.

Check photographs

The best way to check the expertise of cosmetic dentists is by seeing visual proof of their work. The majority of dentists document their work in the form of before and after photos of patients. They take a photograph of patients’ teeth before the procedure, as well as one once the procedure is completed. The difference between the two photographs serves as the best proof for the smile makeover these specialists are capable of performing. 

In addition, such photographs are available on the sites of these professionals and on their Instagram profiles. Also, most of them keep an album of before and after photographs in their offices for patients to see when attending consultations. Nevertheless, beware of fake photos, downloaded from the internet, which cosmetic dentists present as their own. The photos should be of actual patients, satisfied with the treatment they got in the clinic. 

See credentials

Despite seeing the before and after photos provided by cosmetic dentists, you need to check their qualifications. Start by checking their education, which requires them to earn a Bachelor’s degree after attending dental school for four years. Anyhow, additional schooling is also required for an individual to work in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Hence, these professionals should have attended either a postgraduate program or a certification course.


Nevertheless, after completing their official education, cosmetic dentists are supposed to keep educating themselves in order to be up-to-date with the latest trends in this field. They need to attend educational courses and become members of accredited organizations. You can learn about their education either by checking their credentials online or by contacting their offices and have a chat with one of the staff members. Follow this link,, to gain insight into the work of cosmetic dentists. 

Be clear about your requirements

Prior to having a consultation with a professional about your smile makeover, make sure to compile a wish list. The list should explain the ways in which you want your smile to get changed. You should take the list with you when going for a consultation in order for the cosmetic dentist to see your proposal. 

The only way for these professionals to come up with the right smile design is by considering the requirements of patients and providing professional insight. After hearing what patients have to say, cosmetic dentists determine whether their requirements are feasible. For instance, a patient might be requesting a crown installation, but the right solution would be having an implant installed. 

When discussing your requirements with the doctor, be prepared to have your perception altered. Bear in mind that the personal perceptions of patients are generally subjected to change during the consultations. It’s paramount to listen to the advice of the cosmetic dentist in order to get the most amazing smile transformation. 

Discuss the cost of the treatment

These procedures usually cost a great deal of money, which is why you need to discuss the fees. After deciding on the best treatment, the doctor should estimate the cost of all treatments in order for you to plan your budget. 

Given the high costs of cosmetic dental procedures, you are supposed to inquire about the available payment options. Generally, medical insurance plans aren’t available as an alternative for such procedures. Therefore, look for a dentist that provides flexible payment options. 

The bottom line

You no longer have to be embarrassed by your smile. 

There is a variety of cosmetic procedures to provide you with the smile transformation you want.

Opt for the best one!

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