Vancouver AV Company Can Help With Any Audio Visual Set Up

Audio visual equipment is a necessity when it comes to creating or hosting an event. If you want to use a powerful video, create a striking presentation, or deliver a speech that people take to heart, then you absolutely need this kind of equipment.  

Whenever you go to an event, you always expect this feature to be present, even though it’s the silent hero. Placing the speakers in the correct position gives the speaker’s voice the ability to reach everyone in the room. Click on this link to read more. 

Plus, when you combine that with amazing lighting, you have the perfect setting for a corporate workshop or a conference. It can be used on many different occasions, and it’s incredibly vital and versatile. We compiled some of the best reasons why you should want to get professional help when it comes to AV equipment to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

What is AV equipment? 

For starters, AV equipment is anything that has to do with transmitting or projecting video and audio. This equipment is responsible for the things that the visitors will see and hear. Whenever you’re at a venue, there’s usually some music before the event begins.  

It’s usually light, and it sets the theme that something is about to happen. Just before the event begins, the attention and the lighting shift toward the stage, and a few speakers introduce themselves. Then, the main event begins, and the main speakers include video, presentations, and other tools to present knowledge to the audience.  

If you’ve ever seen Tony Robbins live, then you will see perfect execution with every detail. The same thing is true about global companies. They usually start by projecting their logo on a big screen, and then the event begins. In the last couple of years, there has been a rise in debates.  

In this scenario, two people from opposing sides or viewpoints discuss their ideas in front of a large audience. For this type of event, there have to be two microphones that will be synchronized to give the audience what they came to see. Follow this link for more info  

The presence of high-tech gadgets is something that makes this entire process easier, and if you seek professional help, you can elevate the experience to a higher level. First impressions are important and depending on your goal. You might want to invest in higher quality service to impress your clients or visitors.  

The first thing you should do when you start working with a professional AV company is to ask about their equipment list. From this, you can work towards a deal. 

What can you learn from an equipment list?

When it comes to creating an astounding experience, you need amazing cameras and microphones. The number and type of cameras used is important if you want to record the event and put it online. The quality of all the cameras needs to be the same for the video to look sleek.  

Additionally, the microphones could either be wireless or wired. They also might be put on a floor stand or a table. This is crucial if you want to minimize the noise coming from all sides and focus solely on the speakers.  

Next comes the lighting. It needs to be adjustable to any room in order to create something close to natural light. The company also needs to have access to supplemental lighting, just in case something goes wrong. They also have to be prepared about the electrical supply.  

You can have the best gadgets in the world, but if they aren’t powered by electricity, they won’t work. Additionally, they need to pay attention to projectors. This Vancouver audio visual installation is a great example. They could be special ordered, or they might be built into the venue.  

Depending on that, the professionals need to figure out a way to combine their own equipment with the one provided by the hosts. Finally, the number and quality of technicians will be of incremental value when the time comes.  

A single person can’t do everything for an event that is supposed to host 500 people. They need to have the experience and the manpower to make projection, sound, lights, and cameras work together.  

Meetings and Conferences 

If you are a manager in a company, then a change of scenery will likely benefit everyone on the team. Most buildings have built-in conference rooms, but they become boring if you use them every week. Going to a place that has spotless LCD screens, microphones, monitors, and cameras is going to make everyone excited.  

Plus, you might want to impress some international clients. If a lot of people need to be logged in on a single network, then the Wi-Fi signal needs to be quite strong. Getting someone else to do all of the thinking and organizing for you will be like a breath of fresh air. Click here to read more. 

You will have all the time in the world to focus on the presentation, and you won’t have to worry about everything going smoothly. When someone else does the planning, you can focus on getting your message across clearly, and making sure that everyone is in the loop with what you’re saying.  

There won’t be any technical issues like the projector glitching mid-presentation. Imagine if you spent the first 30 minutes of a presentation building up to a new idea that you want to finally explain, and the microphone stops working mid-sentence. This will lose all of the momentum, and it will definitely ruin the entire experience.  

What kinds of questions should you ask the company? 

Before you start working with a new company, you need to ask them a few questions. You need to know the timeframe of the setup. Next, you have to ask them whether they will have technicians on-site while the event is live. There need to be a few, depending on the size of the project, and they also need to tell you their backup plan. If plan B doesn’t work, they need to have something else in their sleeve.


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