5 Best Cable Modem Router Combos 2021

Internet and cable service go hand in hand. Most of the cable providers also offer internet for their users to help them stay connected. Whether it be online streaming, gaming, downloading, or browsing, one of the essentials of connecting to the internet is the equipment. You need a modem as well as a router to connect seamlessly to the internet. However, what if both of the devices are integrated into each other to provide a combo? You would not have to buy two separate devices to connect to the internet. 

To add to your knowledge, cable modem routers offer you optimal performance. And if you have subscribed to any of the Suddenlink internet plans offering speed up to 1 Gig, you won’t be facing any issues while streaming in 4K, video conferencing, or gaming. If you are a cable internet subscriber and looking for the best value for money, we would recommend you to try cable modem combos without giving a second thought. Here are some of the best modem router combos you can consider. 

Nighthawk C7000 X4 Cable Modem Router 

Nighthawk C7000 is a perfect modem router combo for people looking for stylish and sleek equipment without compromising on quality. The antennas are all built inside instead of putting them out for sleeker and leaner shape. If you are living in a small or medium apartment, the combo offers you coverage up to 1,800 square feet combined with 1.3Gbps. 

The DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem provides 24*8 channel bonding for internet throughout up to 400Mbps. One of the biggest advantages of Nighthawk C7000 is that it is compatible with some of the most popular cable providers including Spectrum, Suddenlink, Cox, and Comcast. Installation and setting up the Nighthawk cable modem router requires little to no effort. The bad thing is that it does not have advanced features MU-MIMO and QoS and is somewhat expensive also. 

Motorola MG7700 Cable Modem Router 

Reliable, durable, and affordable are the traits of Motorola MG7700. Whether you are a gamer, streamer, or a developer, you can’t afford to have a slow connection due to an outdated modem router combo. That is why you need to invest in a decent modem router combo provided by Motorola. Especially when it comes to monthly rental bills charged by cable providers, you can save once and for all with this combo.

The Motorola Cable Modem Router is compatible with most of the cable providers including Xfinity and Cox. Connect multiple devices including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and laptops without facing disconnection, poor signals, and slow speed. 

Netgear C6250 

For small households and apartments, there are plenty of modem router combos to choose from and Netgear C6250 is our top favorite. The performance of Netgear C6250 is optimal for mid-tier plans. If you have weekend plans to binge-watch shows or looking forward to defeating your friends in the battleground, the combo will allow you to stay connected without disruption. 

Surely it is compatible with most of the cable providers and can handle heavy internet usage with ease – streaming and gaming remain on the top. The coverage area is 1,500 square feet and can connect up to 25 devices simultaneously. 

NETGEAR N600 Cable Modem Router

A dual-band router delivers speed and efficiency, and if you are looking for such a device, Netgear N600 is a perfect choice. The cable modem router features 8*4 channel bonding, which means it can upstream 4 channels and downstream 8 channels. 

Netgear N600 Cable Modem Router can deliver speed up to 340Mbps and features WPA/WPA2.DLNA sharing. The cable modem router is compatible with major cable providers including TWC and more. Also, the device comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect your device through the wire for better speed. Having a USB 2.0 port, you can connect any device to share wirelessly. If you are a serious streamer and play online games religiously, there is no better alternative to Netgear N600 at a low price. 

ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router 

Web browsing, socializing and streaming is something everyone is looking for. And without proper equipment, it isn’t possible. ARRIS Surfboard Cable Modem Router is a perfect device to meet all your surfing and streaming needs. But keep in mind that it might be a bit heavy on your budget. 

The device is known for offering perfect speed without any doubt. The device offers four functions in one body including McAfee Home Security, four-port gigabit router, dual-band wi-fi router, and cable modem. 

Moreover, the device also comes with 32*8 channel bonding and allows a maximum speed of 680Mbps. The Wi-Fi beamforming technology integrated into ARRIS Surfboard allows enhanced performance and coverage. The device is compatible with Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox, but not with CenturyLink, AT&T, and Verizon. It is also not approved for gigabit plans. So before you buy, make sure to consider these factors as well. 


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