Can I Get a Mexican Tourist Card Online?

As some of you may know, several countries have immigration agreements with Mexico, meaning that not all citizens should have a visa when they go to Mexico. That’s a great piece of information! But another question that arises is, what else are you required to do?

Nobody will ask you any questions as long as you do not exceed the 35 km free zone near the frontier. However, you need an FMM or Forma Migratoria Múltiple form to enter the country if you go further than that.


The FMM form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) authorized by Mexico is a report provided by the Government of Mexico that you should receive by email in less than 24 hours of the submission of the order that enables any citizen of any country with passports that are valid for at least six months from the anticipated date of arrival into Mexico to apply for an FMM form online.

This FMM document will be legitimate for a single entry either by air or land. It is valid for a maximum stay of 180 days in Mexico, without any salary being paid. Once you accept it via email, you just need to print it and take it with you when you land/arrives in Mexico.

There Are Only Two Of Them:

ü  Forma Migratoria Múltiple by Air

ü  Forma Migratoria Múltiple by Land

Note Keep Your Visitor Permit (FMM) Safe

Once finished, the immigration officer at the border checkpoint will stamp both portions of the form and hand you the smaller half, stamped with the date you came into the country. It’s essential to keep this document safe, as you’re going to have to surrender this when you leave Mexico.

If you leave Mexico on a flight, your airline will insist that you give up your stamped half of the Visitors License to them when they allow you to board.

Suppose you have a Visitors’ License and leave the country by land. In that case, you must voluntarily submit your form to the Immigration Officer before your departure.

How to Fill Out Mexico FMM

It’s not difficult to get an FMM. The FMM form can be found at airports and at the border; immigration officers will hand you such a document. Some individuals go further looking at the online form. You can actually discover a PDF version of the Mexico FMM form, but there is still a smarter method to do this.

It is well known to anyone that Cyberspace can help you travel, which is why people are increasingly using internet services. It could also be used to obtain a Forma Migratoria Multiple Card.

This service is available by Natvisa to assure that you will be able to enter Mexico. The whole process is computerized, and your effort is negligible. So, rather than finding a PDF version, you should try the Natvisa service. Hundreds of individuals already have, and they could not have been more satisfied with their decision.

The prerequisites for an online application process are the same as for any other method. You need something extra, but it’s all about the way you apply, not what you’re using for. You have to provide the following:

Valid passport – The process of applying for a Mexico FMM Card cannot take place without a passport. The document must also remain valid for at least another 6 months from the arrival date in Mexico. Check the expiry date before applying.

Airplane Ticket – this requirement is only valid if you are traveling by air. You can ignore this condition if you choose to travel by land.

Payment method – The Mexico FMM card application process is entirely online, which implies that it makes perfect sense for payment to be made online. You can use your credit or debit card or other e-payment platforms.

Email address – Natvisa will send you a Mexican tourist card in PDF format via email. Don’t forget to print at least one hard copy before your departure.

Mexico Customs Form Online

Upon entering Mexico, customs officials will be accepted if you do not carry illegal drugs or firearms. Visitors are permitted to carry duty-free in their personal effects. A laptop computer, camera equipment, and sports equipment that could be used during your stay can also be used. The basic guideline is: Don’t bring anything that looks like it’s meant to be sold back to Mexico. Thus, one needs to fill up a Custom Declaration form.

Usually, when you arrive in Mexico, you’ll need to complete the Customs Form. Typically, you’ll get this form on the plane on your way to Mexico. The Customs Form is one per family, so you need to complete one form for everyone traveling together and living together.

Travel with Natvisa is a commercial platform that makes it easier to apply for visas from around the world. Natvisa will cost a service charge per individual for a high-quality online registration experience, in addition to the Government fee which will fluctuate based on the location of the destination. We focus on providing a 100% money-back guarantee if the experience is unsatisfying.

All You Need to Do Is

  • Apply online by Filling out the VOA application using Natvisa online application.
  • Receive your VOA Details with authorization sent by email using the secured email servers.
  • Enjoy your trip by receiving a visa and passport stamp upon entry.

Make the Best of Our Services, Which Includes:

1) Easy Online Application: At Natvisa, we make absolutely sure you get a hustle-free online visa-application experience. Using our user-friendly webpage, you can submit your request pretty fast by following a few simple guidelines.

2) Quick Processing: Each application, which passes through Natvisa, is subject to a thorough review by our experts. Our team will ensure that all needs are fulfilled before moving your application form to the processing government.

3) Safe and Reliable Website: The protection of our customers’ information is critical at Natvisa. That’s why your account and user data are stored at the top-of-the-line data centers using powerful computational techniques and technology.

4) Best Customer Support: We realize that the whole procedure of processing your visa application can be exhausting. That’s why our pleasant customer service staff is ready 24/7 to address all your inquiries and requests regarding Mexico tourist visa.

 Winding Up

Enjoy your Mexican trip with a 100% money-back guarantee from Natvisa, if the experience is unsatisfactory for you there.

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