5 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Concealed Carry Holster

Many people make the mistake of investing in a high-quality firearm but skimming on the concealed holster. This is the worst kind of mistake to make for an individual. 

It is important to understand that the right holster can make the difference between life and death in a threatening situation. 

Every brand out there claims to be making the best holster in the market. With millions of materials, types, qualities, and manufacturers in the market, it might be tough to choose the best concealed carry holster. 

We speak to leading self-defense experts and ask them to give us suggestions on how normal people should pick out holsters in 2021. 

List of 5 Important Things to consider when buying a Concealed Carry Holster 

  1. The Level of Concealment- 

The first and most important thing that you need to consider when buying a holster is how hidden or concealed it really is. Most people that order holsters from the internet are amazed to see that it is nowhere similar to the images and videos online. 

It is important to see the fit first hand and assess whether it satisfies your criteria. You need to remember that people carry concealed holsters because of their element of surprise. If the gun is visible, you might also get tapped by an officer on duty with regards to your weapon. 

  1. The Ease of Drawing the Weapon-

If you are using a concealed carry, you are automatically conscious and aware of some dangers around you. This means that in order to ensure self-defense, you might have to draw the weapon and use it to save yourself from aggressors. 

This is why you need to ensure that the holster allows you to draw the weapon easily and efficiently. If your draw gets stuck, there are a number of miserable possibilities that can unfold right before your eyes. Check for different drawing ways and means to assess the holster. 

  1. Levels of Retention in case of hand-to-hand combat- 

You need to consider cases and occurrences where you might be involved in a physical scuffle. At no point during the scuffle should your concealed holster come undone and fall to the ground. This will just present the attacker with a golden opportunity to use your own weapon against you. 

Experts suggest that it is important that you check for well-fitted the holster is and how much strength is required to make it come undone and fall to the ground. You need to check for holsters that have at least double retention levels to have complete peace of mind. 

  1. The Manufacturing Brand and Finish of the Holster- 

Many people make the mistake of going after a holster that is the least expensive one. However, according to the experts, looking at the price factor when it comes to a gun concealed holster is the biggest mistake someone can make. 

Rather than look at the price, you should take a look at the manufacturer of the concealed carry holsters. There are a number of credible manufacturers that use the finest materials to create durable, efficient, and strong holsters to carry guns. 

  1. The Type of Concealed Carry Holster- 

At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable about carrying the holster and housing your firearm in the same. Some people prefer hip holsters, while others feel more comfortable with an ankle holster. Depending on your level of comfort, you can go for either type. 

However, make sure that no matter what kind of a concealed carry holster you are going for, you are comfortable when it comes to drawing your gun and retaining the same in case of a fistfight. 

The Bottom Line

With public crimes rising all over the world, individuals can no longer just be dependent on law enforcement agencies to protect them. Sometimes, it might just get too late, when the reinforcements arrive. In such cases, it is best to be responsible for your own safety as well as that of your family. 


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