Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Photography is a career and a hobby that is pursued by many people especially in this age. This is mainly because now people have some high-tech gadgets, smartphones and technologies in cameras that have opened a whole new world of opportunities.

If you think that you can play around with light, add more meaning to a still picture and add a story to a picture using some amazing tools that enhance the quality of your photographs, then you should definitely consider giving photography  a shot.

To name some useful tools, we have list down a few photo editing software that will add life to your photographs:

Skylum Luminar

If you want to edit photos and add effective automatic enhancements to your photos, then Skylum Luminar is the tool that will get the job done. Using this tool you can add some unique filters and adjust your photos in any way you want to. One of the drawbacks of the tool is that there is no import option and you might not be able to add focus effects like the ones that you see when you are creating bokeh in a photograph.


If you want to use a very handy tool with some good photo editing capabilities that can help you create a masterpiece without having any proficiency in photo editing, then Snapseed is a must-have for you. The good part is that it is a complete tool by Google and is available for both iOS and Android. You can find more than 25 tools and filters, and it opens JPG and RAW files unlike other tools. Save your personalized look and apply them to new photos if you want to edit them later on. Fine and precise controls can get you a crisp picture that you can post on social media or share with your friends.

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the most common tools that is not only used by photographers but also by creative designers and people who are into advertising. If we talk about capabilities, there are endless possibilities when it comes to adding more flavor to your photographs. It comes with tools like Transform, Blur, Lasso tools, and techniques to remove unwanted elements from your photos and add more elements to your mainstream photographs. For a good photograph, learning these techniques and usage of Photoshop tools is a must.

ON1 Photo RAW

This is a very amazing tool that provides photo editing capabilities to all photographers regardless of their skill level and their specialties. The good part is that you don’t have to bounce through different pieces of software and get professional results for your click. It can help you stay efficient, organized and keeps things easy for you while you work with your photography.

Capture One

The tool is very useful to edit and catalog your images, process raw images and tethered photography. It doesn’t matter which camera you use or if you have a TIFF, JPEG, or PSD image file, you will be able to get a fully processed picture in no time. You can use the film healing and cloning tools, work on different layers and convert your black and white photos. You can also get your photos printed directly using Capture One and reduce noise from your pictures as well. Apart from that, there is a lot that you can do to make your life easier and make your pictures more creative.

Add life to your pictures

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, these tools will help you achieve great results; who knows you might be the photographer for National Geographic. If you are an aspiring photographer, you should subscribe to National Geographic to get some inspiration. Check out Spectrum Silver Channels and see if you have it in the package.

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