How a sentora control panel helps for IT?

How a sentora control panel helps for IT

Sentora is a completely free to download and web hosting control panel which could be developed for Unix, Linux, and BSD based computers or servers. It is considered as the free hosting control panel which is helpful to manage your server via its user-friendly interface. It could be specially designed for working and installing with the specific software package which includes, 

  • PHP
  • Apache HTTPd
  • MySQL/ MariaDB
  • ProFTPd
  • Postfix
  • Dovecot 

Sentora is specially designed to manage and host multiple clients on a single server which is called the shared hosting environment. Each client might manage and log in to their web hosting through the customizable control panel. 

Key characteristics of sentora 

If you are seeking a unique and interesting control panel then you are advised to visit because they are offering the tool which might enable you to set quotas on both creations of the services and bandwidth. There are tons of reasons available to choose this control panel which includes open source, extendable, simplified management, and supported. They can offer both subscriptions based and community-based support services to both commercial and personal users. They are having an add-ons store that is providing the user with the central repository for selling, installing, rate and publishing the models, localizations, and themes. 


If you are a blogger then you might deal with tons of web hosting services. If you are choosing the best and trusted service provider then you can get tons of the services like full control, sentora hosting, secure hosting, SSH access, and 1-click server setup. It is really useful to add layers of security to your server along with the built in DDoS protection as well as virus software. 


When it comes to the sentora hosting services then it includes standard VPS and premium VPS so you can choose it based on your requirements. You can also maintain a Sentora cloud server with a huge variety of tools. Try to choose the hosting plan that is suitable to your budget and workload. It is providing the ability to offer reseller accounts that might enable your clients for reselling your hosting in the white-label environment. When it comes to the sentora installation then you must download the script which could allow you to install sentora effortlessly under the server. If you are doing some research then you can get complete information about sentora.

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