How to get rid of exam fears effectively?

There are many ways to improve your exam preparation by getting rid of exam tensions and fears, and it varies from person to person. Most of the students who are preparing for exams will be scared of this. How can it be managed? Have you ever thought of writing exams without these problems? 


Here are some tips and tricks to follow while preparing for the examination. Question and answers solving is one best practice that can be done while preparing. This can make you understand each and every topic that you have covered or not. By solving this question answer paper you will be able to know the pattern as well as the marking system before attempting the exam.

Key strategies  to prepare for upcoming exams

Strategies are according to the student’s need based on their learning and also comfortability. Those who are preparing for competitive exams GK questions will be more than the other subjects. Not only science subjects but also general knowledge is also very important for exams. Here are some effective strategies for students to follow.

  • Positive mind and body

The first and foremost thing is keeping you and your body in a positive state. If you have woken up with some other nuisance around, then the whole day will be negative. So from the start of a day itself, you should be pleasant and gain more positive energy either by praying or any other things which you like the most.

  • Mention the things you do for the day

The next thing you have to be in taking care of is a timetable. A proper well-structured timetable should be ready in your hand for that particular day. This is why because, to avoid confusion. We may be confused in timings and also subjects. So before going to bed, plan the next day’s timetable, so that time management will be easy.

  • Mock test

Mock test is one important tool that you can take three or four days before the exam. This can increase your confidence because it helps in self-assessing whether the things that you have learnt is enough in your memory or not. It can also help to give more focus on weak subjects or concepts. Make use of study materials like BYJU’S sample question papers. It includes many questions from various subjects done by experts.

  • Avoid distractions

Distraction can be anything, even your pets. Keep your study environment clean by avoiding all the things which you may get distracted. The main thing is the mobile phone and other gadgets.

Move out yourself from social media during your exam days and only concentrate on your learning. This is one of the effective ways to keep yourself focussed.

  • Combined studies

Combined studies are also an effective way to memorize the concepts you learn and also can exchange the knowledge to your study partner which is a benefit for both. While studying together, questions and answers can be shared by asking questions to one another. Notes prepared by each of them can be shared also. This can increase your memory skills and also helps to focus on the weaker subjects.

  • Use flow diagrams or charts

Learning ways are different from person to person. Some people learn through videos, some will learn through writing, some people will be good at listening etc. One easiest way to memorize concepts is by making use of flow charts and diagrams. For example, the periodic table, or any classifications can be done through diagrams. 

  • Good sleep and good food

Try to maintain these two main things. Proper sleep of 8 hours should be maintained all the time while during examination or not. A person needs to get a good relaxed sleep throughout. Have plenty of water and protein-enriched food items, mainly fruits. This can also help your brain to store more and memorize during the exams. 

  • List out topics

For competitive exams like government exams, 60% of the questions will be from GK. GK questions have priority more in these types of exams so that list out different topics first regarding general knowledge in various fields. So you will be able to cover each topic each day. General knowledge is not only important for exams but also for entire life it will be beneficial.

  • Take intervals 

Try to make time for small intervals in between your studies. 10 minutes or half an hour you can freshen up your mind and body by walking around or listening to music. This time you can make yourself entertained.


These are some tips you can follow during the preparation of exams. Apart from these tips confidence is very important. Self-confidence is a major factor and a positive mind to withstand every stressful situation. Seek help from teachers as well as friends and try to share knowledge between your friends without any hesitation.

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