Why being HGV driver is the best choice in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people around the globe. Most of the service industry has seen disastrous effects and many people are now out of jobs. Governments around the world are trying their best to provide people with the necessary resources but with so many markets and industries shutting down, the GDP of each country is hitting a new low every month. Consequently, people are not just out of jobs in these worse times, but they are also out of important resources that were otherwise so easily available. But one industry has survived smoothly so far, and this industry is that of HGV drivers. Following are the industries which were hugely impacted by the pandemic.

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Taxi Services Market 

The taxi market is having the worst days. Since the pandemic, the offices have usually become online. Due to safety reasons, people avoid getting out of their homes even for personal reasons. Consequently, the streets and roads have become barren nowadays. That is why the demand for taxis has decreased significantly. People who travel, prefer to do so in their cars in the fear that they might catch the deadly virus.

It is seen that China, the country where the virus was initiated, has its transport services down by about 50%. Where people earned 100 euros a day, now a taxi driver in Cardiff says that he earns only 25 Euros and that too if is lucky. Most of the drivers have lost hopes and do not search for a customer now because they know that no one is going to be there.

Service Workers 

Another group of heavily impacted people is service workers. Service workers are people who have duties on-site such as food servers etc. Since many companies have shut down their offices temporarily, almost 34% of workers have lost their jobs while the remaining workers have reduced jobs as well as reduced pay. Service workers are usually people who are doing a side job to earn better for their families. With no good chance of income coming from this area, many people are stressed and anxious as to what to do at present.

Many of these service workers are old people who are ages 50 and above. Where before they earned almost 250-300$ a day, they are earning only 50$ now. That is because the customer count has decreased and hence their working hours as well.


With the onset of the pandemic, the government started shutting down schools and colleges. Due to this, distance learning soon became a new necessity. However, many teachers especially the older ones are not familiar with the technology and workings of this mode of learning. Consequently, many educational institutions are laying off older teachers and hiring younger ones who are more apt with technology.

But this is not just the case. Distance learning has proved significantly difficult for younger teachers as well. They, too, are struggling with how best to cope with this situation. Many of them have taken early retirements because the stress and job demand are just too much. Some American states have also cut down the wages of many teachers because the institutions are facing financial issues.

Gym Instructor

Another blow came to the fitness trainers when the coronavirus hit the world. According to research, before the pandemic, a fitness trainer earned $46,000 annually. After the pandemic, most of the trainers earned only about $1000 a month which would make $12,000 a year. That means that half of their salary was cut. These are the people who were laid off because almost half of the fitness trainers lost their jobs.

HGV Driver 

The one industry which survived every blow which was hit by the pandemic is that of haulage drivers. These have been key workers during this coronavirus pandemic. The HGV drivers who are concerned with the distribution of food have been significantly busy during the past year. That is because important changes have been made to the logistics and transport centers so that distribution of goods can be as smooth as possible. Since this is an area that is concerned with the flow of necessary and every resource, that is why it will not be affected by the pandemic even in the future. One can say that this industry has become the most vital these days. Most of the people are shifting towards this field in the present circumstances. If you are looking to get your HGV licence contact HGVT.

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