Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

A love for fashion is common in every girl irrespective of their age. However, due to their busy schedule and immense work pressure, women always find themselves struggling to keep up with their fashion goals. Living in this fast-paced world, it is pretty normal to get bogged down by your daily chores, and it may seem impossible to stay fashionable. The good news is – it isn’t!! 

We are here with some tips and tricks to help you achieve your fashion goals.

  1. Find your body type

The first and most essential tip is to know your body type. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and you really need to understand your own body proportions. Knowing your body type not only helps you find suitable outfits but also helps you flaunt your most attractive features.

  1. Plan your outfit in advance

Even if you are committed to your fashion goals getting up early to plan your outfit does not seem like a good idea on a lazy morning. Also, when you are getting late for work, you are tempted to slip into your favourite jeans and t-shirt.

Planning your outfit the night before saves you time in the morning and also helps you be the fashionista that you are.

  1. Know the art of Mixing and matching

Sometimes you want to wear a particular shirt, but you don’t know what to pair it with. Sometimes the colour could be tricky, or the print may not go with anything else in your wardrobe.

Learning the art of matching colours can be of great help. Try to understand the concept of the Colour wheel, which can help you create amazing outfits in no time. Also, print on print is a recent trend, and a little research can help you to carry this trendy style.

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  1. Invest in classics

The fashion scenario is rapidly changing. What is trendy one day may be out of fashion in a few months. However, it is wise to invest in some classic pieces like a white shirt, a little black dress, or a good pair of red pumps. Classics not only will give you a fashionable look but are versatile enough to be worn in many different ways.

  1. Choose vertical stripes.

Stripes are here to stay. They are a timeless design, and they keep making comebacks in one way or the other. While choosing a striped outfit, always go for vertical stripes. They elongate your frame and make you look taller. However, horizontal stripes can be chosen with girls with a slender shape as horizontal stripes add to the width of the body.

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  1. Accessorize

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Having the right accessories not only adds to your style quotient but also helps you look more put together. One trick which works while accessorizing an outfit is to pair your bag with your shoes. This makes the entire look more cohesive. Also, large chain necklaces are a recent trend that you must experiment with. 

  1. Follow the latest trends. 

Fashion is all about keeping up with its pace. Styles are changing at a rapid pace, and there are always some new trends coming up. To keep up with these trends, follow the latest magazine and keep up with the ever-changing fashion. 

These are some of the tips and tricks that every girl should know. They can elevate your style and make you look more classy and fashionable in no time.

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