The Best PC Games of 2019

If you have stopped playing PC games, then I will recommend you resume your teenage craze. scrolling on the internet and watching stupid videos is a wastage of time, rather you must boost your mental capabilities.

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Now, you must be wondering about the link of mental capabilities and playing games, then let me tell you that recently many researches have claimed that video game playing plays a very substantial role in boosting up your mental capabilities.   

PC video games are always in demand, you will have to pay for them that is you must know the worth of each game. Just like movies PC games have also got their own genre and you have to select your favorite one. 

Game developing has become a business and a lot of people are earning incessantly through it, like every other business game developers have also got some spices of politics, recently people were abandoning the Pokémon games because of some rumors but now it has been proved that Pokémon Sword and shield does not have a bug, despite rumors. All such news are available at Games News Website.  

Sometimes, if a developer is making a video game with some other vested interests then you never know the fatal and destructive harm of having a video game in your personal computer. I have done a bit of research on PC video games as I was trying to revive my childhood. Here is a list of some of the most famous 2019 video games for PC. 

Portal 2 

This is a decade old game but still it is trending. It is a sort of a puzzle game, with single player option. You can chat with the second player if you want to. People are making friends while boosting their mental capabilities, I think such opportunities are better than social media. 

Total War Three Kingdoms

if you have played metal slug in your childhood, then you can relate to this game. It is a sort of mission-based game. I have found this game quite thrilling and strategic you can not move forward or earn points without a realistic planning. I think smart kids will love this game.  Read about

The three kingdoms will trade then war, I have been playing some similar games in my mobile phone, but now I think PC are far better than mobiles, you get to understand the characters more accurately. Moreover, the planning and strategy making capacity is also enhanced at PC smartphone games are for kids.   

Resident Evil 2 Remake 

This is called a childhood treat revival. The horror survival games were the most thrilling thing of our childhood. Now you can have the same thrill in more HD graphics, what else one would want on a weekend. 

The most amazing thing about this game is its enemies, which are the beauty and attraction of the entire mission. The flesh filled bodies and buildings running over with blood. It is a fiction you will live.   Read about

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