How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue: A Few Good Tips From Talkspace

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way most of us live, down to our work habits. A large percentage of Americans now work at home every day, using services like Zoom to communicate with their employer, coworkers, and other important individuals in their lives. While necessary, spending such an exuberant amount of time using the service can create detrimental effects recently named ‘Zoom fatigue.’

What is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom fatigue describes the emotional, mental, and physical burnout experienced by spending too much time using the video conferencing service. Symptoms include added stress and worry, increased risk of depression and other mental illnesses, and burnout.

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

While attending Zoom meetings may now be part of your regular day, there are simple strategies that reduce burnout and the risks of developing ‘Zoom fatigue.’ Implement as many of the following strategies into your workday as possible and soon you’ll notice a big difference in your daily routine!

1- Take Breaks

Schedule breaks every two-three hours during the day or sooner if the effects of Zoom fatigue worsen. Take a 30-minute to one-hour lunch each day along with the regular breaks. Breaks provide the brain time to relax and refresh, minimizing some of the burnout effects people now experience using Zoom so often.

2- Schedule Fewer Meetings

Sure, scheduling eight meetings a day is possible, but working on Zoom repetitively each day does not do a body good! Schedule fewer meetings per day and instead use other means of communication such as text message or email. Your eyes need the break just as much as your brain!

3- Talk to a Therapist at Talkspace

The emotional impact that coronavirus has created has taken its toll on many people. The added stress of work-at-home, online school for kids, etc. can overwhelm almost anyone. Talk to a therapist if the strains associated with the new challenges are too much for you. A service such as Talkspace makes getting therapy simple. The online talk therapy service that Talkspace offers allow you to talk to a licensed therapist from home when you need the help most.

4- Shorter Calls

Zoom offers free calls for sessions up to 40-minutes, but you shouldn’t necessarily take all of the allotted time during each meeting. Yes, you can and should schedule shorter calls and meetings and limit the number of people in each session. By limiting the call length, you get more done during the day without overwhelming yourself in the process.

Zoom fatigue is very real but by using the above strategies, you minimize the risks that it will impact your workday. Nothing is worse than burnout, especially when we work 9 to 5 every day using Zoom these days. Implement these tips to ensure you love your job, and Zoom meetings, as much tomorrow as you always have.


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