Top 3 natural Herbal supplements for bodybuilders

Gym goers are focused on their protein, mass gainer, creatine, and pre workout but neglects the potential of herbs or herbal supplements. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean big muscles or arms but also promotes the immune system and overall health. We are lucky that we have been born in such a culture where herbs are the daily part of life especially in cooking. But slowly we are losing them from our meals as we need very fast food. Oil, sugar, and salt have dominated the world of taste and herbs are lagging behind. In bodybuilding, many people make them suffer to eat tasteless food to achieve the desired body. We can understand how important it is to look a certain way for them. But they are not only deprived from the taste but also from the benefits of herbs. So, it is best for them to have herbal supplements. Here are the best herbal supplements for bodybuilding.


  • Ashwagandha Powder: Ashwagandha is a very popular medicinal herb that is known as adaptogen which is quite helpful in managing stress. Usually it is available asashwagandha powderbut now you can get ashwagandha capsule in the market. It has many benefits like natural healing, relieving stress in the muscles, increasing energy levels, and improving concentration that are very helpful in muscle building. The herb is very well known for increasing strength and fighting inflammation that is the most required for bodybuilding. Along with that it is very helpful in boosting testosterone that is quite helpful in muscle mass and strength.


  • Tulsi: One of the most used herbs in our daily life is tulsi which consists of many benefits. If you are in bodybuilding you can use it for increasing testosterone levels in the body. That helps to increase athletic performance while working out. Along with that it is very helpful for boosting your immune system by increasing natural killer cells. Stress is one of the reasons that hampers your muscle growth, tulsi can be proved very effective if taken on a daily basis. If you are unable to find the herb nearby you can take tulsi liquid from the market.


  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a super powder that is a natural supplement hiding in any jar of your kitchen. It is a rich source of antioxidants that fights against free radicals. We know it because of its miraculous effects on skin or taste. But do you know it contains so many other benefits that a bodybuilder can use for building muscles. Turmeric is very effective in fighting against muscle soreness and helps in fast muscle recovery if taken with lukewarm milk at night. You can add it with your protein supplement to get better taste and effects.


The herbs and herbal supplements are natural ways to improve the muscles in the body. Usually, these supplements are taken by common people. Bodybuilders underestimate these supplements. But these have great potential even for them in muscle building and recovery. So, include herbal supplements in your daily routine.

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