How To Get Famous On TikTok And Get More Followers?

How are these people getting 100,000 followers? Are they bribing them or what?

With over 800 million active monthly users, it isn’t really hard to increase your followers on TikTok. However, there are some no-more-hidden tricks that you need to get a hold of to speed that up. Let’s ride you through a quick guide to gaining more followers on TikTok and help you understand how these people are gaining so many followers.

  1. Post Unique And Original Content

You need to learn when to go with the flow and when to sail in the opposite direction. Creating old and repeated content does not always encourage users enough to follow you. Hence, even if you are picking up on an old trend, try to add something new to it – perhaps go for a new background, music, etc.

Currently, dancing and lip-syncing are mainstream videos flooding the app. Thus, it is better to try something other than that.

  1. Be Regular

Posting entertaining videos regularly increases your chances of getting more followers. You do not necessarily have to post multiple videos in a day or even one every day. Instead, you can make up a schedule, engaging 3-4 days of your week to create and post content.

It is a recommended approach to specify your posting days so that the followers will know when to expect a video from you.

  1. Choose Your Songs Wisely

Music is the heart of TikTok. With an enormous library of songs, TikTok encourages its users to use them as much as possible. Indeed, they attract viewers and even encourage them to follow content creators.

However, you have to be careful with your choice of music. In case you have a different taste from common users, you can start with trending music. But once you have the desired audience, you can bring out your own taste in some of your videos.

  1. Team Up With Other Users

A strategic way to gain more followers is by collaborating with other TikTok users. You can hunt down the content creators with a similar approach as you and team up with them. When they post the video on their profile, it will automatically expose you to their audience, which will immensely increase your chances of getting more followers.

  1. Use Better Equipment

TikTokers with large fan followings will never have a dirty or boring background. They always chose a creative and enjoyable scene, even when they shoot in their bedroom – just look at their background!

Hence, you need to choose the right spot to shoot your videos that really enhance your video quality and your viewer’s interest in following you. Similar to the background, these content creators choose quality equipment, including camera, tripod, lighting, etc.

This does not mean you have to donate your kidney for a few followers but try to grab something that adds value to your content.

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