Guide On How To Move Whatsapp History Data From IOS To Android

Have You recently moved to an Android device from an Iphone, the main thing you need is to copy your WhatsApp data from the older drive to a new one. It’s a little bit more complicated but not an overwhelming task if you’ll run through this guide as in this article we have featured what is the most reliable way to do the Whatsapp transfer among various devices.

The prime issue is that why do you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from the iPhone to android. It all depends on you whether you want to transfer your valuable messages from your Whatsapp account to the new Android device. But the central complexity is that WhatsApp on Apple doesn’t support google backing up on IOS, Both are produced on completely diverse OS and hardware.

So, let’s see how to transfer the WhatsApp files using Dr.Fone-Whatsapp Transfer App on Your PC without iCloud.

In this article, we’ll reveal to you how to easily transfer WhatsApp to a new gadget via Dr.Fone-WhatsApp transfer.

So why choose Dr.Fone, the main purpose to use Dr.Fone is because it provides a simple interface so you can easily transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android as and the brand” Wondershare” always provides us something that we’ve should trust on. If you’ll follow our uncomplicated steps to quickly obtain the WhatsApp business transfer to another device.

How To Use Dr.fone-Whatsapp Transfer?

Transfer WhatsApp data using Dr.Fone is one of the most secured approaches, and it’ll doesn’t require any of your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about losing your essential data while transferring.

It’s as simple as ABC to use Dr.fone as there are just a few options for multiple purposes, but in your case, you just have to transfer your WhatsApp files to the Android device.

First of all, you need to download and install the Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer on your PC and after successfully installing the software, now just make a transfer.

Step 1. Start the App on Your PC

After successfully installing the app on your system, launch it. There will be various options on the screen.

Step 2. Connect Android and Iphone To Your System

Connect your android and IOS device to your PC, Make sure you use the original data cables that originally came with the devices (sorry in the case of Iphone 12, you have to buy an apple’s data cable for extra money ).

Step 3. Choose the “Whatsapp Transfer” Option

Tap on the Whatsapp Transfer option after attaching both devices to the system,

Step 4. Click on “Transfer Whatsapp Messages”

Transfer Whatsapp Messages will make you transfer the essential data from one device to another depending on the amount of data that the time will be taken.

Step 5. Tap “Transfer”

Click on transfer to shift your data, but note that the previous data on your new device will be permanently be replaced, you can’t retrieve it back so, back up the data using the same software. Just tap on the “transfer” to move your WhatsApp business data to the takes a little bit of time to get completed, as it dependant on the amount of data.

Step 6. Keep the devices attached and in the right position

Both devices, must remain connected, don’t interrupt the transferring. It might cause data to lose. So make sure both devices are connected and placed in the right position, so you can comfortably do other things while transferring your WhatsApp data. Not asking a question on your mentality just friendly advice, because if any interruption is detected you have to start the process again, which will take more time.

Step 7. Wait until the transfer gets completed

Just wait until the transfer gets completed, it might take a little bit, depending on the amount of data you are transferring. Just sit back have a cold drink or a glass of fresh juice (the healthier choice ).Dr.Fone will automatically take care of the transfer and prevent your data.

Can You Transfer Data using IOS Icloud backup services?

The iCloud Whatsapp backup is one of the best features and but unfortunately, you can’t take a google backup and iCloud backup doesn’t work on Android for shifting WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android.

WhatsApp doesn’t have any notable specialty on Iphone for generating the backup on Google Drive as on the Android device where you can easily make a backup of the total chat and then backed it up on the other android device.WhatsApp data can be saved on GDrive so it can be restored to another android drive. So, how to do the same thing via Icloud as the iCloud backup is supported on Iphone.

Thanks to Dr.Fone, there is also an app file that can be installed on Android so you can restore the backed up data from the iCloud by logging in to the iCloud account on the Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer on Android.

Follow the steps to transfer the data using iCloud:

Step 1: Install the Dr.Fone-Phone Transfer Application On Your Android

Step 2:Log Into Your Icloud Account on the Android App

If you have enabled the 2-way verification method, you have to enter the code sent on your phone to verify it’s you.

Step3: After successful login to the account, Choose the file type

There will be a bunch of the data types you want to transfer, choose the specific data you want to transfer to your new device, and start transferring it.

Step4: Tap on the “Start Importing” button to start transferring your WhatsApp data to the android device.

Step5: Wait to complete the import.After the import is successfully transferred. Quit the app and check your device for the restored data.

Congrats, You have successfully transferred the data to your device.

If you have anything to ask, just comment it down, we’ll try best to respond it ASAP.

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