5 Ways To Say ‘Thank You’ And Appreciate People

5 Ways To Say 'Thank You' And Appreciate People

Appreciating people and saying ‘Thank You’ for their help or any other effort they have made for you is an act of fostering relationships. And it is also a moral value that we all should have. Most of the time, we say it on the spot for those little help and gestures from others. But there are some situations when you know that just saying it won’t be the best thing to do and it won’t even match the gesture from that person. In such situations, you have to be different and do something extra so that ‘Thank You’ can reach to the heart of the person you want to appreciate. 

Send A Handwritten Note

Sending a handwritten note is something that most people won’t agree with and consider it an old age way. But, it is surely a great way to communicate your thankful feelings. And do not go for that greeting card you can find in a gift store. Take a blank paper, whether white or coloured and write down how you felt at that time when the person helped you or did something for you. Put it in the envelope and send it through the post.

Send A Hamper in Return

You can make your effort to bring a wide smile on that person’s face whom you want to thank by sending him/her a hamper in return. If you know the person very much, then you can add items of his/her interest in the hamper. And if you are unaware of his/her likings, then you can opt for neutral items like chocolates, snacks, and other types of food items. The hamper could be a box or basket as you like.

Pray For The Person

If you feel that you have not done enough in return rather than just saying a simple ‘Thank You’ then you can pray for the person’s well being and happy life. It is the best thing that you can do on your behalf. Take out some time from your daily routine and visit the place of worship to pray for that person with all your heart. We all pray for ourselves but praying for others is the most divine gesture that we can ever make.

Say It With Flowers

Ages have passed, but flowers are still one of the most influencing and impactful ways to convey feelings. The beauty of vibrant colours and soulful aroma of flowers feels like heaven on earth. You can appreciate people and say ‘Thank You’ by presenting flowers. You can choose from various types of flower arrangements such as bouquet, flower boxes, and flowers in glass vases. You can also opt to gift a flower subscription for a month or a full year. 

Make A Call

If you have relatively little free time, then making a call is consistently a decent method to show appreciation. You can say whatever you feel over the phone call, and it surely forms a stronger relationship. On the off chance that your companion, relative, or colleague doesn’t answer, then send a voice note over WhatsApp.

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