Natural ways to get Instagram followers


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. An account on Insta has long ceased to be an exclusive image component. This is a large source of customers, but we need to work on page promotion before the system goes live.

Keep in mind that this is a highly competitive environment with over 1 billion users, smart algorithms, and creative promoted brands. And if you want to stand out from other bloggers or companies’ backgrounds, then it’s not enough to create an attractive page; you need to work hard and persistently on promotion.

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Start your promotion

Before you start taking any action, you need to decide on a global strategy. You need to set a clear goal for yourself and, on its basis, think over the global theme of your account. Make a content plan for the next month, which briefly indicate what exactly you want to tell your subscribers. You need a clear understanding of what audience your account is designed for and how it will attract potential subscribers.

It will help in your endeavors and research of competitors. Find 3-4 accounts in your niche on the vastness of the social network and find out:

– What content attracts the most audience attention?

– The frequency with which competitors have new publications;

– The maximum and average readership for your niche accounts;

– What kind of response can you expect?

– By what methods competitors interact with the audience.

Attract followers on Instagram

A correctly completed profile is not at all a guarantee of a large number of subscribers. You can fill the page creatively, publish a lot of useful information every day, but the number of subscribers will not grow at all. This inevitably decreases motivation, and along with this, your Instagram page also falls into oblivion. There is a reliable service online to get free Instagram followers just by doing some activities for others.

The information obtained should be periodically updated by performing regular monitoring of competitors. This data will help develop the right promotion strategy, but in no case should you completely duplicate the competitor’s model. To be successful, you have to be even more creative and smarter.

The most important thing is the design of your profile. This is the first touch with users, so it is important that the profile fully meets all the criteria:

– The search keyword must be in the username or nickname. The search engine indexes these two fields, so it is very important to enter the key correctly and harmoniously in them.

– The photo is simple, clear, and bright. Avoid complex images and different labels. The avatars by themselves are not big, but in the comments, they will decrease several times.

– Completed description. Make the most of this field, write a short abstract about your work, and insert emoticons to get attention, and so on.


– Clickable link. Share your readers a link to your website, social media profiles, YouTube channel, or a specific video.

If your profile doesn’t match at least one of the above points, then it’s time to work on it. Your profile should also be completed in a consistent style that fully matches your blog theme or your brand. Name, username, description, avatar, and all posts must match the account’s overall aesthetic.

Personal contacts

It is recommended to start promoting the page by attracting subscribers from personal contacts. Don’t be scared. You don’t have to call/write to your friends with a request to subscribe to your Instagram. Everything is done using the internal functionality of the social network in just a few clicks.

Once you have created an account, go to the “Settings” menu and then to the “For subscriptions” section. There you can find the item “Contacts” and individual social networks. When you connect the social network Facebook, VK, and others, Instagram reads your contacts. In each of the sections, you only need to put a tick in the “Subscribe to all” box. These users, in turn, will receive a notification about this and can follow you in response.

Promotion tools

Instagram promotion is a difficult routine job. If you want to get 10 thousand subscribers, but at the same time do not want to overwork and sit online for days on end, then it is recommended to use services for automated promotion.


Other social networks

Instagram account promotion works well in conjunction with pages on other social networks. You can get followers on Instagram by placing an active link in profile descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It is recommended to add links to specially designated sections. For example, on Facebook, you can add a link directly to your profile description. You can also connect your insta profile to your business page on Facebook. In particular, with an app like InstaTab, you can add an extra section to your page with posts and photos from Instagram. Optionally, you can connect and invite to view your profile.


Modern users find interesting information for them by hashtags. Using them will make it easier for your target audience to find a profile. You can add up to 30 hashtags to one publication, enter both popular ones, and those you have invented yourself. If you tag like #likeforlike #Followme, you can attract followers who also promote their accounts. But try not to use generic hashtags because you will drown in a sea of ​​other posts and hardly attract the attention you deserve.

Many promotion experts assure that there should be no more than five hashtags under one post. Opinions differ on this issue, but it is known for sure that beginners can ignore this rule and use the power of hashtags to the fullest.

Make a list of popular keywords in your niche and use this template to save time. Please note that it is better to add tags in large quantities, not in the post itself, but the first comment.


Use geolocation actively in your posts. Choose the places your target audience is most likely to visit and geolocate them whenever you can. This will help show your potential followers what you have in common with them. If you are a travel blog, then when you write about a particular place, be sure to mark its geolocation.

Comments on Instagram

By posting witty comments under other profile posts, brands and bloggers are opening up new potential followers. Naturally, the more the number of readers on the page where the comment is left, the more people will see it and pay attention to the author’s profile.

This is a clever user experience tactic that popular brands and bloggers have adopted long ago. Besides, the new Instagram algorithms now show the last two comments directly below the post. It’s hard to think of an easier way to promote your account than to hype using comments on already promoted pages.

Activity games

An easy way to build an audience is with activity games. This kind of game content is a clear trend. It includes tests, puzzles, comic predictions, emoji games, like times, and much more.

For example, at the peak of popularity, like-times, you collect a large number of comments. The activity’s essence lies in the fact that the participant must leave a comment and then “click-through” the photo of the previous commentator and so on ad infinitum.

Mailing list

If you already have a certain customer base, be sure to share with them the links to your Instagram profile. You can create a newsletter containing a link to your account via messengers or send it out in corporate and personal mail.

Word of mouth

Ask your friends to recommend you. Please make a list of your followers and even your subscribers’ followers with over 1000 followers and ask them to recommend you.

You can also look for pages with an audience on related topics (it’s best to avoid direct competitors) and ask them to do the same. For example, if you photograph children’s parties, a children’s toy store may recommend you.

Performances at events

Speaking at specialized events is an important component in building a personal brand. Find events at which you could speak as a speaker with an interesting topic and propose your candidacy. Also, don’t ignore invitations to meetups and parties dedicated to your activity.

Videos from various events, conferences, etc. also receive high virality. Your readers will be interested in looking at the company’s life through the eyes of an employee or to get insider information about how the proposed product is produced.

Paid Instagram Ads

The Instagram algorithm is very fond of advertisers. Ordering ads using built-in functionality is an easy way to get the desired audience to reach. With the help of targeted advertising, you can quickly gain subscribers and promote your posts within the social network because who, if not the Instagram developers, know how to bring a post to the front rows.

Create WOW content

Come up with some features for your account, which users would later like to share with their readers. For example, you can add a greeting card or a small present to each order. If you are a blogger, come up with interesting and novel topics or games to increase your audience’s engagement.

Post beautiful photos

High-quality photos are one of the main components of popularity on Instagram because this is the first thing that the reader sees when they go to your profile. When posting a publication, photographs need to be given special attention. The image should be bright and make your post stand out from others.

It would be best if you got people interested so that they click on the picture and read what you wanted to tell them.

More photos of people

Instagram is a social place, and users want to follow individuals and their lives. Therefore, it is important that your page is personalized and shows what your blog, brand, or company is all about. Also, according to statistics, photos with faces gain 38% more likes.

Write texts

Colorful photos are not enough anymore. Increasingly, users come to Instagram not only to look at others’ lives but also to read useful information.

You can add 2200 characters to the description for each photo. Use them to communicate with your readers and share information that is useful to them. Remember that they will only see the first two lines in the feed, so pay special attention to them and make a “catchy” title that reflects the post’s topic. If there are not enough sign limits, then break the post into a series of mini-articles. It’s better than adding 3-4 comments below with a continuation.

Ask questions

To increase audience engagement, ask your readers questions. Submit posts with questions and a call to answer in the comments. Take an interest in your readers’ opinions, find out what they like, and so on. This will bring not only comments but also improve communication with the audience. The obtained data can also be used in developing a content plan.

Go live

In the app, you can also go live, and this is a great opportunity to win over users during a direct call, which always has more than the “produced” content.

Like and comment subscribers.

Connect with your audience and fuel their interest in your account. Like their posts, comment on photos. In addition to the location of the account owner, it will also bring attention to his readers.

Respond to comments

Maintain live communication on your page. Always reply to comments, establish a dialogue with users under your posts. This will increase the ranking of the post and help increase audience engagement and subscriber loyalty. Everyone is pleased when they are answered and paid attention.

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