Vladimir Potanin Net Worth

Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir Putin was conceived on January 3, 1961, in Moscow, Russia. During Russia’s privatization in 1995, Putin marked on the Norse Nickel. Today he claims 30%. He utilized government contacts in 1993 to control Windsom Bank, which controlled the mechanical belief system. He had past interests in protection, media, agribusiness, designing and oil. Today it is additionally corrupted by the drug organization Petrovix and its hotel, Rosa Heuter.

  • Vladimir Putin is an individual from Metals and Mining
  • Net worth $26 billion
  • Birthday January 03, 1961
  • Spot of birth Moscow, Russia, Russia
  • Age 59 years of age
  • Pigmentation Aquarius
  • Habitation Moscow
  • Russian citizenship
  • Almama Moscow State Organization of Global Relations (MGIMO) with the Service of International concerns.
  • Calling Director of Buries
  • Mate Putinina
  • Grants Request “Legitimacy to Mother country” (fourth Class) Request of Alexander Nevsky
  • President Boris Yeltsin
  • Executive Victor Chernomerdin

Vladimir Potanin jobs and careers

He is the pres and chairman of the management board at public joint stock mining and Metallurgical Norilsk Nickel. It is also working together with subsidiaries and operates like the metals and mining company in Europe. The organization’s items incorporate nickel, palladium, copper, platinum, cobalt, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, silver, gold, selenium, tellurium, sulfur, sodium sulfate, and sodium chloride. This incorporates property and gear rental, gas extraction and transportation, power age and appropriation, development, mining and metallurgy fix, save parts creation, land work and development, conveyance, research, fuel flexibly, stream delivering And furthermore associated with the air terminal business. Additionally fills in as an air organization. The organization was in the past known as Open Business entity Mining and Metallurgical Organization Norlick Nickel and was renamed Public Business entity Mining and Metallurgical Organization Norlick Nickel in May 2015. The public business entity Mining and the metallurgical organization Norlesk Nickel were consolidated in 1997 and are situated in Moscow, Russia.

Vladimir Potanin Biography

After he had born in 3rd January 1961 in Moscow is in Russia in the family of important communist party members as son. According to the modern news it ranks Potanin like the richest person in Russia. Just how rich is Vladimir Potanin is the estimation but now we will clearly told his actual net worth. We will also discuss the details how he become the billionaire and earn so much money and get raised in the list of billionaire’s.

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